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New F1 Qualifying Format


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A shake-up to the qualifying format has been given the go-ahead by all 11 teams on the grid, meaning it must now be approved by the FIA World Motor Sport Council. That's likely to be a formality and therefore it's almost guaranteed to be in place before the Australian Grand Prix in under 20 days time.

During a meeting in Bahrain last week, the teams convened to discuss how to stop drivers sitting out Q3 in order to save tyres. A number of changes were put forward, but it's believed they've now unanimously decided upon a couple of tweaks.

Q1 will now last 18 minutes, two less than previously, whilst Q2 will remain at 15 minutes and the final top-ten shootout, Q3, will be extended by two minutes to 12 in total.

The 16 cars which make it though to Q2 will receive an extra set of option (softer) tyres, but these tyres can only be used during Q3 - so those who don't progress will get to keep them for the race, but those who do make it into the top-ten shoot-out must use the additional options to set their final time, but must then hand them back to Pirelli after.

Those in Q3 will then start the race on the tyre in which they set their fastest lap on in Q2.

This ensures that all the cars in Q3 are competing on the same tyre, without the incentive to stay in the garage, but the strategic element of starting on the prime (harder) option remains a possibility if they choose to use that tyre in Q2.

It also gives those starting outside the top-ten an additional set of new tyres. Those in Q2 get to keep the additional set which Q3 runners had to hand back, whilst the bottom six cars will have used less tyres in the first place.

The change is likely to be confirmed ahead of the next pre-season test in Bahrain next week.


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Right... so They get given an extra set of tyres in Q2 which cannot be used in Q2 & can only be used in Q3.


The Q3 runners must set their fastest lap on that new set of tyres they were given. They must then send those tyres back to Pirelli and start on their fastest Q2 tyres.


Meanwhile those that didn't make it to Q3 to use those extra tyres in Q3 get to keep them for the race as brand new tyres.


Whatever tyres they set their fastest lap in Q3 go back as they're just a qualifying tyre. 11th to 16th get an extra set & 17th - 22nd get bugger all.
That's not confusing is it ...  :blink:

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This is Garys take on why he was 'sacked'.  says alot about the BBC coverage.


"What was the BBC thinking when it got rid of you, Gary?"
Ben Roynon, via Facebook

Got rid of me seems a little harsh, but in reality I suppose that's the correct term.

Ever since I started work with them, I've been pushing them to do more on the technical side, and during the second half of 2013 it appeared to me that they were wanting to do less.

For example, I set up an open-house visit to Renault to cover the engine package for 2014 in detail and twice on the day before we were due to go it was cancelled by the BBC. The reasoning was that as far as they were concerned, the viewers were not that interested.

I was not very happy. I believed that with the enormous technical changes for 2014, we should be doing more, not less.

I felt that if I couldn't bring to the viewer what I felt they wanted because my hands were tied, then it was better not to be there at all. I was in the midst of writing a resignation email when I got the call from them to meet up for a chat, which is when, as you say, they got rid of me!

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F1 is meant to be entertainment is it not??? Though it's rarely passing as that these days.


The drivers would no doubt squeal about it, but to me it's always made sense to scrap qualifying aside for the first race of the season and from then on have the starting grid as the reverse of the drivers championship, so if you're leading the championship you start at the back of the grid.  


Would ensure huge amount of racing and overtaking every race......

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