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The new car for the wife...


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Late last year we became a 2 car family when we bought my wife a car. I’ve driven it a few times so here’s a quick review  :)


What is it?

It’s a ’57 plate Vauxhall Signum 1.9 CDTi Elite, with an automatic gearbox, FSH and 80k miles on the clock.


First thoughts?

The Signum never sold well when it was new (Mostly because it always looked overpriced alongside the Vectra estate) but secondhand values are much more sensible and you get a lot of toys for your money. To my eyes it looks better than the Vectra estate, albeit at the expense of some practicality due to the sloping rear tail gate, but the boot is a decent size and everyone gets plenty of legroom. We’ve also found it’s easier to get a baby carseat in to it than it is into my Astra coupe  :roflmao:


You mentioned toys?

I did indeed. I think all Signums came well equipped and the Elite was top of the tree. Our car has the leather interior, SatNav, heated front seats, dual zone climate control, Auto-sensing lights (and wipers, I think), CD/MP3 stereo, along with the usual host of things like cruise control and electric windows and mirrors, etc. There are probably other things too, given the number of buttons and functions on the central display but I’ve not had much time to play with those. The only thing it doesn’t have that you might expect it to is parking sensors. Anyway, certainly the best equipped car I’ve ever owned  +++


What’s it like to drive?

It’s good. Visibility is reasonable all round though everything is probably further away than it seems so far, particularly out of the rear window. The seats are comfortable and I’m sure would remain so over a long drive. I still not keen on automatic gearboxes, but the one in this is smooth enough and not too dim-witted. The ride is well judged; not crashing over potholes without feeling too “floaty”. The steering weights up as the speed increases but is always a bit too light and lacking in feel. That seems a common complaint of electric power steering and isn’t a major drawback in a car like this. On the move, everything feels solid… Good car.


Decent engine/exhaust noise?

Diesel. 4 cylinder. Automatic. Let’s move on…


Running costs?

It may be a diesel, but it’s a large car with an automatic gearbox. On the first tank of fuel we managed about 40mpg. Given we were still learning the car, it was all cold weather and mostly short journeys, that’s not too bad. It’s better than my car, so we save money on fuel whenever we take it. Tax is also less than my car and, whilst I hope it shouldn’t need much in terms of maintenance costs any time soon, it’s a Vauxhall so parts are cheap enough and easy to come by.



We’re both happy with it  :eclipse:





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I can't be arsed.  There are 27 squillion 520d's in the UK.  Somebody else can write it. :roflmao:


As for the X6, well I'm not going to write something no fecker will read, so that ain't gonna happen either. :grin:


I guess I could write one for the (big breath as a say this) Audi A1 1.4 TFSI S-Line.  But then again no.  Who fecking cares. :roflmao:

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335i MSport - just bores me to tears, off for a spirited drive nah I'll stay home and have a cuppa

X1 25d - great for surprising Golf GTI drivers but they forgot to install the power steering

Z4 35iS - shouldn't have taken the job that didn't allow convertibles when you took the car allowance, best car I've owned by a country mile :0(

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Back to Mr Sayerbloke - I rate the Signum!  My mate had a few on lease type family thing as his old man worked for Vx.

He always had the 3.2 V6 and I must say, they were huge in side and very comfortable.  Good drives too.




One line review of mine?


Like the starship Enterprise, big, fast but less miles and with your foot down, it's black out back.

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