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Track bike required


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I've pondered this for ages and my hand has kinda of been forced :


I've got three day trip to Portimao lined up in May. I was offered an R6 to borrow but that's been sold and replaced with a newer and better GSXR750. I was told the offer still stood .... but then it seems SWMBO (and who also rides it) has said they'd rather not lend it. Fair enough but I need a solution now.


I could hire a bike but it seems an expensive option. I've decided to buy a bike (it's a top excuse to!) and sell it. Now the thing is I have the green like from Mrs Scotty and the selling thing will come at some point but there won't be a rush and I'll get a some track time out of it first.


People giving up on tracking often sell the bikes, WOWs, etc all as a bundle so I've my eyes open.


I'm thinking GSXR750, Fireblades etc rather than a 600 mainly as I'd like a little more space than 600's offer. Also nothing that's known as a tough bike to tame!


Budget seems to the toughest thing. I'm pondering spending a couple of grand on a bike off ebay where I've no knowledge of it's history, state etc or whether to spend up to £4k on a better bike which would more likely stay longer. I'd do this if it was a known bike .e.g. friend of a friend etc and came pretty sorted.


Let me know your thoughts or if something crosses your path give me a shout. I've like to be sorted by end of March as then I can do a day on track in April as a shakedown and have a little fettling time. It also should mean prices aren't climbing. I've heard not a lot of track bikes are shifting at the moment so hopefully the timing's good.

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I look at cycle prices now (I used to train 7 days a week/track race/time trial etc) and I'm astounded. Actually i'm more astounded how much people spend on bikes to get fit on! The best way to get fit is NOT to get the lightest most expensive bike!


Anyway, R1's. Pondered and I do need to go out and try some bikes although the recent weather makes it difficult. I've always thought the R1 was that bit more extreme than say a 'blade. My mate (who did a couple of years racing) had one as a road bike and he flogged it after 6 months as it turned him into a total nutter. I guess that put me off them but never really considered them as just a track bike.


There's so much choice and the balance between age/mileage/quality is vast. I feel almost as lost now as when I first looked for my first bike!

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I would propose the original GSXR1000K1 or K2. Serious tool and bullet proof into the bargain. Both later GSXRs I owned never felt as raw despite being more powerful or lighter. Unfortunately, never owned a K5 or K6 which many say is the Holy Grail of GSXR ownership.

Can't go wrong with a GSXR750 though.

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Chris - dedicated track bike is fine ... although if a road one comes up then that'll be put to use.


The earlier GSXR750s seem a bit light on grunt. I don't intend going slower than my old CBR600F. I guess 2006 onwards would make more sense with refinement and age considerations etc.


Found an road RSVR at a dealer's a friend works at. That's a little different and at £4k with only 12k on it, Akra, etc is an option.


Mort : been looking at this : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRACK-BIKE-CBR-929-RR-WITH-V5-WETS-ON-WHEELS-/191083940551?pt=UK_Motorcycles&hash=item2c7d7d8ac7


Too many choices  !!!

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I like the 929 on ebay  - here's why. 


  1. Its ready to rock on the track.
  2. All that track kit would cost a heap on a (possibly more expensive) nicer road bike.
  3. because it is cheap and a bit tatty, it won't be "precious" and you'll be more inclined to thrash it and get more enjoyment out of it. There's nothing worse than wobbling around on a bike you're scared to drop.

Check the mechanicals and service everything on it and it'll be fine. I would highly recommend a full suspension service/upgrade.... but apart from that they are good bikes. Top fun. +++ 

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Well I've sat on loads of bikes and been around loads of dealers. I'm registered on the relevant forums and have been looking on ebay daily.


I test rode a RSVR, fell in love with it and then found a one owner '06 Factory with 12k miles for £4k .... and then got sensible and realised I want a bike that won't let me down etc etc. I've love the RSVR but the forums are full of too many similar stories so I'm goona go mainstream instead.


I've been looking at track bikes but also road bikes. There's quite an advantage for me getting a road bike as since I'll not be doing loads of TDs a year, I still get to have fun and familiarise myself with it. Also it's a handy backup bike should the commuter be being serviced etc.


.... and then a mate contacted me. We haven't done the deal yet but he's a meticulous owner, has a garage of about 4/5 bikes so they tend to get old rather than stack up the miles.


This is a K3 with 11k miles on it. He wants £3.3k. It could end up being the one :



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Don't know if this is too late, but I know where there is a potential bargain of a motorcycle for sale.


Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade

May 2013 (13 plate)

1,321 miles

One owner


Currently due to go for £5,200, which from what I can see is about £2,000-2,500 below the lowest price you'd normally expect to pay.


It has been repossessed and placed with liquidators for sale.


Must be sold by this coming Friday and paid for by Monday 24th March.


If anyone is interested, let me know.+++

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