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Microsoft Surface 2 - 32GB with Touch Cover 2

Chelsea Mick

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Usual thing for me.
See something I think I'd like.... buy it and then think WTF did I buy that for?
I already have an iPad and Samsung Galaxy tab  

I have a brand new Microsoft Surface 2 tablet.
Purchased at Dixons in Stansted airport Friday 7th March.
It's the 32GB version with the Touch cover 2 (Black)
I paid £430 for the lot

Thought I'd offer it here before going down the dreaded EBay route.
Open to offers really and realise that I will loose out but it's my loss and your gain.
I'm just not going to use it .....    

Obviously this will come all boxed and as new condition and with the original receipt for any warranty issues.

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You have an iPad, a tab...why oh why? I know I'm not helping sell it but what got in to you mate? :-p


I have the iPad, Tab and Kindle fire and hardly ever pick up the Tab and Kindle (They were gifts) so can imagine where you are.


I hardly pick up any of them. That includes the Kindle PaperWhite too.

Nearly went for the iPad mini retina.

Maybe I'll pick one of those up next time I come out here to work....   :roflmao: 

Too much time on my hands at the airport.

Really should keep my wallet in my travel bag  :rolleyes: 

So you gonna make me an offer so you can add another tablet to your collection?   :P

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I will take the kindle! :-)

Yes I bet you would  :P 

The Kindle is probably the only one that I would keep. Does what it says on the box.

Tried the kindle software on both the iPad and the Tab and the screen is far too shiny.

There's just far too much tempting technology out there for my poor wallet  :rolleyes:

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