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Hot BMW!


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Now, see, with winter tyres this would never have happened.  Shows the inherent dangers of RWD.


This is true.  The winter tyres would have leapt into fire exitinquising action and solved the third world crisis whilst at it. 


Then, they'd have got back on their respective axles as if nothing had happened.  Those winter tyres, they're clever.

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Plod wouldn't let us (about 25 motorbikes) past despite their being a lot of space ......until it seems he got a call to say they couldn't get a fire engine through because all the traffic was stopped. 


So he quickly opened the outside lane without saying to anyone what he was about to do resulting in all the bikes and riders being left in the middle of a 4 lane road trying to get their gear on and get the feck out of there before they got squashed by a lorry or coach.


Oh and one bike didn't wait. He asked me if we was allowed through to which I asked whether he thought we'd all be there if we were. He then crept up to the Police car and then gunned it and fecked off!

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