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£530 Audi A8


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So, almost 2,000 miles on a quick update on the £530 1996 Audi A8 4.2 Quattro I bought towards the back end of last year. Somewhat surprisingly, to me at least, it's been an entirely uneventful 5 months. 500 of the miles were getting it from Edinburgh to W Sussex, so it hasn't been used that much since we got it back...

But, nothing's gone wrong :grin: It's averaged just over 20mpg, but then the journey home was just under 27 mpg so I reckon that means running around locally has achieved 18 mpg or so. Oh well...

Lovely V8 burble, but the double glazing mutes the sound a bit from the inside. Heated seats and climate control still fully functioning, which has been nice. 300 odd bhp shifts what, in modern terms, is an average weight car pretty well, though when pushed its a bit of a barge. 17" 55 profile tyres mean it's comfortable, but a bit wallowy at the extremes. Still, it's a cruiser not a sports car :grin: Very comfortable though, and the electric memory seats are still fully functioning.

Costs to date, excluding fuel which I'm ignoring, are only 12 months road tax (pre emissions measuring so just £260 IIRC), a replacement thermostat and washer pump (£160 fitted), and 2 tyres. So roughly as much as the purchase price. But then if I bin it tomorrow and get nothing that's just £200 a month. What dos that get you? A Hyundai Getz from Avis I expect :grin:

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I quite like the interior, actually.

Lovely background, too,

It's quite a nice place to be, and we completed the 8, or may be even 9, I don't quite remember, hour drive back from Edinburgh without the slightest twinge at all. Supremely relaxing place to cover long distances. And cheaper than 2 returns to Edinburgh by train :roflmao:

I'd never considered matching silver with what is, indisputably, beige leather. But it works. Mind you, my 535d was silver grey (I want to say space grey, but I think it was the predecessor to that) with beige leather and that worked well too

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I'm not disappointed with the way it handles, it feels like it looks it should, if that makes sense :grin:

And in case you were wondering what sort of service history a £530, 18 year old car comes with its been serviced as follows (first registered 1/1/96):

11/96 @ 5,422 miles. Hadwins VW

11/97 @ 11,926 miles. Hadwins VW

12/98 @ 17,016 miles. Hadwins Audi

12/99 @ 21,787 miles. Hadwins Audi

12/01 @ 29,081 miles. Hadwins Audi (seems to have missed a year here?)

12/03 @ 35,470 miles. Hadwins Audi (another 2 year interval...)

12/04 @ 38,832 miles. non franchised garage

12/05 @ 52,381 miles. non franchised garage - replacement pads and discs

04/06 @ 60,050 miles. non franchised garage. plus a lot of suspension work!

03/07 @ 71,048 miles. non franchised garage

12/07 @ 73,456 miles. non franchised garage. plus new timing belt

09/08 @ 81,576 miles. Aberdeen Audi. plus new sunroof motor (@ £800 odd!)

09/08 @ 81,719 miles. non franchised garage - no service but more suspension stuff and replacement brakes. Presumably Audi a bit pricey...

02/09 @ 85,838 miles. non franchised garage - no service but diff seals and fluid replaced

12/09 @ 91,360 miles. non franchised garage service only

02/10 @ 93,768 miles. Aberdeen Audi - no service but yet more suspension work

05/10 @ 95,784 miles. non franchised garage. service plus exhaust

11/10 @ 97,787 miles. Aberdeen Audi - no service but A/C replaced and even more suspension work

01/11 @ 99,582 miles. non franchised garage - including wheel bearing replacement

08/13 @ 107,199 miles. non franchised dealer - including pads/discs all round

So while not complete, it seems like a reasonably comprehensive service record and, more importantly, seems to suggest that the mileage is genuine? Oh, and that its quite heavy on its suspension!!

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The suspension is all alloy and, I remember having to have various arms replaced.  Mainly due to bush wear. 

Avoid straddling the non-full width road humps.  Make sure one wheel goes over the thing.  Straddling them puts extra sideways strain on the bushes which weren't designed to go sideways.   +++


That is their weakest point.

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The bargey bit is because you have the luxo model.  The Sport model was 10mm lower, 18" alloys with 45 profile rubber and stiffer suspension.

I had the 4.2 Sport, and it cornered OK for a big old barge.


oh sh1t, I sound like Ian_C!!!! (sorry Ian!!)


Even lower than that wasn't it?


Remember saying at the time Peter when you first posted pic, absolute bargain!

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