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Feck me!!


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This morning, just been to Alconbury for my mddle daughters' football game, (they won 6 - 2)


On the way back up the (surpisingly) busy A1, 3 lanes of cars, doing 75 - 80.  Lane 4 is empty

Look in my mirror and see 2 cars approaching at warp speed.


Mk II ML AMG comes by.  20 metres behind (effectively tailgating at that speed) a white Golf GTi Mk 6.  Lovely sound from the AMG, but fecking reckless beyond belief.  100 metres behind, a big bored Puma (with wider wheel arches) making a lot more noise and not as fast.


They were long gone though as they were well over 100 mph.

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Puma would have been one of the fairly rare Ford Racing Pumas with the wide arches.

Only a 1.7 so ultimately not especially fast, but, it would show both those cars a clean set of heels on a twisty road, one of, if not the best handling front wheel drive cars ever made.

They only made 500 and only sold half that, so they gave the rest to management on very attractive deals, they were built by Tickford too.

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