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Stuck in engineering mode - Setup + Car button


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I was trying to eject the SAT NAV DVD from the drive and was advised to press and hold the Set-Up and Car buttons together to get into the hidden menu.


I/m now stuck in the engineering screen with two options, System in the top right corner and Update in the bottom right corner. How do I get out of the mode please ?

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Just been to the car at lunch to try various button sequences that I have seen on the forums, like resetting the MMI and hitting the return button Cruiser, but the MMI was back to normal again when I turned the ignition on. Engineering mode must have timed out. phew.


On another note, activated needle sweep last night and got the SAT NAV eject button working so not deterred and will try some others at the weekend, like TPMS that I have seen on www.audienthusiasts.com That's if I have the correct ABS unit of course.

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