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BBC Forced To Censor F1 Noses For Future Races


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Just when F1 thought they had a problem with the sound, the radical new nose designs have come back to haunt them. The BBC have been forced to censor a number of cars’ “gentleman areas” after a number of complaints made by the viewers. So expect to see a lot less of Force India and Toro Rosso during the BBC highlights.

BBC spokesman said:


“After literally dozens of complaints, the BBC have had no choice but to censor certain cars during future Formula One grands prix. A number of elderly viewers were particularly offended by the Force India, and the BBC have come to the decision that they will no longer be able to show the following cars without necessary censorship: Force India, Toro Rosso, Sauber, Caterham, Williams and McLaren.”


The news is of course set to anger sponsors who have paid good money to be placed in these disgusting places. It is believed however that these cars will still be shown in all their glory during highlights shown after the 9pm watershed.

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JEEEEEEEZUS!!!!! Has the world gone fecking crazy?


What about all the 500 year old nude staues? How have they got away with it until now?


What about Proboscis Monkey's? We need David Attenborough to censor his re-runs.


Or could it just be the date?

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