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Its a massive threat to some systems especially to those that leave it a long time to patch the problem and to those that only have a single safeguard such as this. 


For all of those people who hate their band for using two factor authentication you should now be very happy and thankful. +++

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we are all DOOMED, DOOMED I tell thee!!!!! :o



That!   :roflmao:


The bug was introduced in March 2012 with OpenSSL v1.0.1 and now it's all panic stations after the exploit went public




No one is safe, but a couple of things you can do is 


1) Ensure that your browser is set to check for revoked certificates
Chrome on Windows does not do this by default
Firefox does
and 2) Best to avoid untrusted environments such as public WiFi. 


This is what you can find out with the exploit  :)  



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Oh god, GMTV reporting about the Heartbleed vulnerability is woeful - Lorraine, stick to fashion and please leave IT alone!


She lives next door to one of my clients.  Lovely woman, apparently.  Personally I can't say I would.  I'd like Kate Garraway in a locked room for a while though.  She appeals to me in a strangely 'kneel down' type of way. 

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