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[Audi A3/S3] Broken LH mirror - AUDI A3 2008 8P Cabrio


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My LH mirror is broken - the glass and the clips behind it. The  housing and the mechanism is OK I think.


I'm having trouble finding a compatible replacement anywhere. It seems like the cabrio mirrors are 'different' but I can't really believe that.

I would buy a complete replacement unit if I have to - but still need to know what part is actually a proper replacement.


Can anyone help me?


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Audi parts dept get them to show the blow up diagram for the unit and see what component elements are available.

If everything with the mech works, and it's just a matter of knackered clips you could look at setting a new mirror glass in, but use an adhesive.

Glue gun, decent double sided tape or a tube based glue such as "sticks like poo" with a few hours of setting time.

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