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[Audi A3/S3] Just bought an S3


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Just bought an s3 after 6 month of searching - just hope i've done the right thing

The car is a 2000 W plate in silver with 26K and a fash with leather xenons and bose. The car is at a non franchised dealer and cost £14.6K after negotiation.

I've spoke with the previous owner and he confirms milage history etc.

The only thing is the car was German dealer supplied but the logbook does not list it as an import

Have I made a balls by buying a german dealer supplied car rather than a uk one.The original owner says the car is full spec and it does appear it is all manuals are in english etc.

Would appreciate some advice - I've paid a large deposit so can't turn back now

Also do all 4 tyres have to be replaced at the same time and can i put cheaper tyres on rather than the P6000's


Anxious owner

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Welcome S3 Boy... great choice of car wink.gif

The tyres need to be changed an axle at time if there is a bit of wear on them, ie you cant have a new and very worn on at the same time. You also need to keep them the same tread pattern on the axle too.

Try the Tyre Finder in the menus at the top, we qualify for a 10% discount with Blackcircles laugh.gif. I've personally found that the Toyos T1-s's and Goodyear F1's to be pretty good all rounders.


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I thought the Haldex can cope with different wear rates, sizes etc? Obviously not advisable, but as Graham said, axel at a time should be fine.

Just make sure that the car is UK spec e.g. Alarm/interior sensors, DIS, remote locking on key, full electric Recaro leather, or 1/2 alcantara (can get them with cloth over the channel), 4 airbags at least, etc etc.

Sounds like a good deal anyway.



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I didn't know that my car was an import until a week after I bought it. crazy.gif

It wasn't even a consideration for me when looking for my car. I was only looking at the condition of the car & to get the spec I wanted.

I may have used the fact to barter the price down a little more, but I think I bought it for the minimum the guy would take for it really. smile.gif

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