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Aventasourous propostasaurous


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Apologise, meant to post this last week after the event.... However

When I arrived and saw a stunning dk grey with black cab, and close to symmetrical coupe I saw love......love that lambo were going to offer me for an hour or two then take away like a date with a with a high class whore....always loved pretty women however so knew however there could have been a happy ending although quite an expensive one.

Within seconds of getting there everyone could see I was excited. I had downed a coffee, deep had told me how good I looked in it and Danny was trying to hold back his joy in fear of the salesman seeing that twinkle in his eye. Together we had to rain it in, stay strong, considered and calculated. I then asked for a price list to be emailed to me immediately for both the cab and coupe along with any un specced slots I could take if I so wish. Incidentally I could get a cab slot for sept delivery with zero dizzy.....

When I sat in the car there was much more room than the hurrican but less still than the 458. I did not feel confined and claustrophobic however....it was acceptable. I was a little surprised by all the drab tan, choc, or black interiors with no stitch colour pops or fabric missing with alcantara but I suppose that can be done at source to my liking. Visibility seemed much better than expected.

Apparently lambo have done a new software update that not only makes the exhaust loud as unit after a curry, but also brings the bhp figure to 752bhp.....hmnnnnn *cough f12*........

Anyway the main bits:

- although very loud on the outside, relatively quiet on the inside and rattley - think flywheel on gt3rs. No bad thing, just still needs a decent set of pipes. My 458 has capristo and is far more raucous and glorious.

- it's big, no new news here - it does shrink around you and will become fairly manageable with experience but it will never be a Porsche, 458 or Macca.....but then it is not supposed to be ! Big is presence and it suits the aventasourous very very well.

- feel - massive let down. It's heavy, it's steering although very weighted is dead (Audi) and there is a sense of uneven weight transfer at speed which is a little alarming.... But I have come from a 458 which dances on its tip toes not its clubbed feet.

- price - 300 odd k seems fairly good value for me , but makes 458 look supreme value and the Macca - well a complete rip off

- speed - it's very fast, but it is hard to explain. Because it's so big, wide heavy and the throttle response is slightly dim whited - you do no really get to experience what a beast it really is on the road. Doing the mile straight at milbrook the thing is clearly an animal that can suck your face off but on a road of normal proportions u never get the chance to see what you can do. The 458 would run rings around it on any road I can think of.

- gear change - oh dear ! Lambo cocked up. Lambo massively cocked up. How on earth can they make a Bugatti 6 years prior with triple the torque use a dual clutch box but not this ? Raw feel ?? Bollox ! Ferrari mastered it with the 458. The gear box is BY FAR the worst part of the car by a considerable margin. There is no sugar coating it, or skirting around it. The salesmanship eyes were just waiting, praying I was not going to bring it up and when I did......the inevitable intake through he teeth and...."yes....."

That said.....would I buy one? Don't know. Will Ferrari go turbo charged on their next car ? What else will there be in 2 years time to buy . The car world is changing and what is only 80% right for me today may be 90% right for me tomorrow.










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Nice write up Wopps. +++


It'd have to be the roadster - the coupe will never be as dynamic as the 458 so might as well lose the roof and gain some noise.


The stealth fighter looks are growing on me, but then I was one of the few who instantly loved the looks of the 'boring' Murcielago.


Have you driven an F12? That would appear to be the obvious step on from the 458. A different kind of car again.


Talking of the future, as you know the word at Ferrari is turbos. I wonder what else will happen? I fear the mainstream marques may by necessity lose that mental edge that defines a supercar. Could that possibly open up a space in the market for more small but specialist manufacturers? 


Or maybe your future is to sample the greats of the past. I could see you in a Zonda.  :grin:

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I saw an Aventador on the M1 recently. It was MASSIVE. it was like a work of art and looked stunning.

Not sure what it would be like to live with and the 458 would leave it for dead on any road with bends in it.

To me it was a car to be seen in, rather than a car to enjoy driving in. Think Monaco, Knightsbridge etc.

I'd like to drive it through some tunnels though, with the roof down.

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The difference there though is as follows:


You saw an Aventador and thought it looked massive, stunning and a work of art.


Whereas when people saw a Countach in 1972 they reported it to the authorities as a potential alien craft.


And that happened 5 times in completely different locations by different people. :roflmao:

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Those posters were still the best selling posters until 1985. 


For 13 years it out-sold every other subject matter on bedroom walls. 


I've no doubt thats true -  but back in the 80's bedroom wall posters was all we had.... no phone, tablet, desktop background images which is what 'da kidz' have now!


You could argue people were much easier to impress in the 80's, these days you'd need a car to levitate and fly off into space to cause Countach stype fuss +++


Today, calling an Aventador "boring" is well.... just harsh!

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