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I had a feeling my GSXR1000 K3 still had it's original shock oil so I thought I'd get it sorted before I do trackdays.


I spent the morning at MCT Suspension in Stowmarket. I've had the Blackbird done there and that was great but it doesn't get used in the same way the Gixxer does/will.


The oil out the rear shock looked fizzy. So many bubbles you couldn't even see through it. The front shocks seals were just starting to perish on the outside but no leaks yet so got all that sorted to. I ended up getting the rear revalved too.


Now I thought it went ok before but the confidence in it now is incredible.


Before when grunting it out of bends I was always feeling for the signs of it breaking traction or starting to skip. Now it just accelerates.


If you haven't had your suspension refreshed in a while then book it in somewhere. It truly is a revalation.


I can't wait until Donington next week now!  :grin:

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Agree there Scotty... I replaced the rear shock on my R1 with a custom made Nitron and had the front resprung and revalved. Feels like a totally different bike now.... The rear gives proper support on the gas and the front is way better on the brakes and mid-turn. I also did the same for my son's Aprilia... all custom for his weight (48kgs !!)   I had both bikes set up at the track by a chap called Dave Moss who is based in the US and tours Aus & NZ in our summer.... He was able to diagnose a problem we had with the Aprilia exactly by looking at the bike from 10 feet away....we did a track set up with him and the bike is perfect now... the man is a magician. Check out his videos.


One of the biggest changes I made was simple and free. I moved the bars slightly forward to straighten my wrists and also adjusted the levers to suit. For anyone with broad shoulders, the standard angle of bars will twist the wrist slightly, pointing the knuckles outwards and reducing control.  Getting the wrist and hand straight on the bars makes a massive difference...

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