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'Oldtimer rally'


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We've just come back from a night away in Weymouth.


As we sat down to dinner, a large group of Dutch / German and Belgian classic owners rocked up at the hotel in a variety of mostly old British metal.


I grabbed a few photos this morning before they left:


















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The hotel is quite stunning, too - it's a 1930s built Art-Deco style building, which has had various uses over the years - a hotel, a military hospital, a Pontins holiday camp and now it's a hotel again.




Particularly striking in the dark: (shame about the Pig's Asshole parked on the verge - passenger was disabled and the able bodied driver refused to move it when staff requested it was moved to a car park)




Finally... someone parked an ageing Porsche in front of the Portland Bill lighthouse:





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Sadly, that's all the pics I took. Had to squeeze in the photo taking whilst Mrs. TS was in the shower... as the trip was a birthday treat for her.


They did make me laugh, though - they all turned up and were in the bar before they'd checked in properly. I think the husbands hit the bar, leaving wives to do the check in business.

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The blue 911 was absolutely stunning. I had a good look around it - no sign of rot anywhere and an immaculate interior with sensible 'period' modifications (eg. decent bucket seats with adjustable head rests).


Unusual colour for something that era - looks very much like Ford's Tasman Blue from the 80s.


Just noticed a little styling detail which has made it onto the 986 Boxster, too - that little air intake and fluting in the bonnet has been replicated on the boot of the Boxster for the high level brake light.

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