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MotoGP - Le Mans


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I got that wrong then.

At least Marc Marquez made it more interesting by falling back to 9th place at the start and another great race by Rossi. All you could hear was a tuba playing the Jaws music as Marqiez hunted Rossi et al down.

Marquez also broke the record for the youngest rider to win 5 in a row in the premiere class, previously held by Mike Hailwood in 1962.

Pedrosa and Lorenzo look like men that have given up.

Also, Craig Doyle is so much better than Mel Sykes, at presenting at least. Rumour has it that BT Sport.and Mel Sykes have parted company.

Please can we have Marquez and Stoner on the Hondas next year, please, please.

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Don't think Danni will be there. Casey back to show what he can do against MM would be fantastic. I'd like to see someone ruffle MM and see how he reacts.

MM reminds me of when I went to see Dave Thorpe race in motoX once. He was a World Champ and did a demonstration of what he could do. Off the line he sat there while all the other riders went flat out into the distance. He waited 30 seconds and then went. He carved his way through the field and won by 30 seconds. He was, at the time unbeatable. Just like MM.

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