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If I went to the Croft race on 19 / 20 July, how many of you lot would want to come?


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Like the title says, really.


Frankly, I'm struggling with this one.  It's a sodding long way, but so was Pembrey.  It's a track I've never tried, but I tend to like those.  I also know how twitchy I get when I stay at home and miss a race.  So I'm on the cusp of whether to do this one.  If loads of you would want to come and say hello then that might tip the balance. 


Or it might put me off, of course :P

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I'll come say hi, for sure!

It's a flat track that's pretty fast for the most of it with a couple of tighter corners and a more technical section at the end of a lap.

It's in distance for NNMM, Milo (probs too hungover to attend) and JimDiesel too. Any chance you could commandeer another car then Jim could use them as roller skates for a go round the track?

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Absolutely, count me in.  That is definitely a good weekend for me, sandwiched between lots of travel. +++


As for it being in Scotland, well it is a good 50 miles South of here and about an hours drive - and I'm still an hour and 15 minutes (67 miles) South of the Scottish border as probably the most northernly positioned regular TSN-er (Eldavo is about 10 miles South and Milo about 5 miles, as the crow flies). :roflmao:


p.s. if Milo wants a lift so he doesn't have to double the mileage on his S5, he's welcome.  I presume Eldavo will want to hoon it down in his 944/68 hybrid stickermobile ( ;) ), but he's welcome too as they're both almost directly on the route South for me. +++


p.p.s. I might bring the X6 out to play.  I'll have to condition myself to accept the sub 50 mpg it gives though.   :roflmao:

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(Disclaimer - having not been to Croft I have no idea how muddy the car parks are, I may be doing the venue a great disservice. :uhoh: )


I was almost axel deep when I went to Croft, my sister lived in Barton at the time which was only a stones throw away from the circuit so it would have been silly not to take a visit.


It was a Touring Car meet if my memory serves me correctly and they used some car parks that I guess don't get used often for most other meets. +++

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