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Small crisis re towbar electrics


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A racing friend has a new 4 series with BW's whizzy electrically retractable/extending towbar (very cute indeed).  However, he has a problem:




 BMW want £291 to fix it, which is a bit scary, but more importantly can't do it until after our Silverstone race the weekend after next (7/8 June). The local towbar man won't touch it, apparently.  That leaves him without a tow car.


Any ideas?  Ideally to get it fixed pronto or some other form of work-around?


(He's near Bath, btw)


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Does he have the front cover that the terminals plug into? Is he technically capable of puttng the pins in if he had a wiring diagram to read from? iF its a genuine BMW towbar which i assume it is then there will bea retrofit pdf available somewhere if he doesnt have one already. once in hand you would need to identify each of the pins either by their colour coded cable or by testing each one( not as easy) and then inserting the pins into the correctly numbered cap.

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Ta +++


I think the plastic cover is snapped into bits.  I've suggested pushing the contacts into the back of a 13-to-7 pin converter, which is essentially the same thing.  He's not the most technically-minded of us, though :uhoh:

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What does he have to use?

Brake lights, side lights, indicators.

I'd find a diagram for BMW 13 pin such as


Which should be universal.


There an infinite number of bodge ways of joining wire, such make sure you separate and insulate each one away from the next.

Self amalgamating tape is your water proof friend in such matters (screwfix or Halfords).

If he really isn't capable find a caravan centre, they will have a tow bar man that can do something.

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I'm sure a local indie auto-sparky would fix it.

They've muttered about it being specialist BMW bits and won't touch it.

We think he'll be sorted over the weekend though, the suggestions above have helped. Thanks TSN +++

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