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[Audi A1] Audi A1 servicing


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That's when a car is new and their flexible service plan, or £450 for their fixed servicing plan.

This didn't have it (we bought it with 2,500 miles on the clock).

Basically, MrsMe asked me to follow her to the Audi dealers this morning to drop the car off. She'd arranged it to go in. On the way BACK she said she was surprised at the price.


Or £219 without a pollen filter change.

My 5 series wouldn't have cost that much if I had to pay for servicing (it's got the 5 year plan).

The X6 wouldn't either. That'd be £249 (but that has the 5 year plan too).

I am truly stunned. Oh and yes, and argument has followed as to why she didn't tell me in advance....

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That's crackers. Did they charge for resetting the service light? When I used to be a pool car administrator, I remember looking through the invoices for the Polo's and noticing VW had charged something like £48 to reset service light after the service.

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Absolutely robbery. Shocking and another reason I just cannot fathom the Audi brand.

The A1 was the best car, but they let us down with customer service early on and the customer experience continues to disappoint with criminal pricing like this. Too late now though. Next time I'll be arranging our own oil.

My 645 Oil service out of the servicing plan was £209 and that used a hell of a lot more black stuff than a 1.4 engine does!

The Z4 Oil service was £174.

It is simply baffling to me.

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I think they must be having you on. Just picked up our 3 litre twin turbo diesel a6 from leeds Audi - 27k miles and it was less.....


Nope, because I've just been given the same price by the other local Audi dealership! :roflmao:


Perhaps it isn't an A1.  Maybe it is an R8 in disguise? :roflmao:


There's not a lot I can do about it now except pay the bill, but one thing is for sure - it won't be going back there.


p.s. error on my part, not that it makes any difference, it is a 12 plate, not a 62 plate.

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Nail hit.


That is the culture shock.


We had the full pack on the MINI and whilst this is a guess I'd be amazed if we spent £279 in the entire life of that car on servicing.


Probably less than £200 in fact.


Oh and they were human and nice people too.  Not these ignorant feckers that I've just this minute had an argument with because on checking the car would be ready for 3pm....they're saying it'll be 5pm. 


Seriously, just why?  Why make a good brand so absolutely untouchable for potential buyers like me?  I knew when we bought the A1 that we'd have pain to follow, but it was easily the best in class and MINI still want to charge far too much for a car that, frankly, wasn't as good.  We looked at a used 1 series too but it was just too big for her and I felt we'd be making the purchase for all the wrong reasons.  Come to think of it, MrsMe tested a lot of cars herself and it was a conclusive win for the Audi in every department even before I got involved.  It is a stupidly good little car - but it'd be nice if you could take it to people who actually gave a shit.

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If you phone up and book a service without asking the price, any Audi dealer will take your pants down, especially on a newer model


Umm, but she did ask the price.... :roflmao:


She asked it when she booked it in, but only told me on the way back from actually taking the car.  It's not a case of just turning up having booked it in and then asking the price.


Plus, it is verified by the fact I've had the same price given to me when telephoning the other dealer in the region.


They just take your pants down full stop.  Because, as the NCAP thing shows, both they and their dealer network seem to think they can do whatever they want.

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I could understand peoples shift toward Audi during a period when BMW's were perceived as cars for cocks and Mercedes for those heading for the retirement home.


Now that for the most part these two manufactures have sorted a lot of their image issues out and are both making really very very good cars, why anyone even considers Audi is a mystery to me.

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What baffles me, across many brands, is the sheer inconsistency. My nearest Audi dealer, in Worthing, is absolutely brilliant and I've used them for nearly 10 years on various new and very old cars. As an example our cabriolet, which is 20 this year, was serviced by them last year and I was treated exactly the same as when my one year old A4 was serviced in 2008. I bought a key for the A8, which only came with 1, and they coded it to the car for nothing and cleaned it in the process. Bear in mind the car cost me £500 and the key under £40 :roflmao: Conversely I wouldn't p*** on the dealer in Portsmouth if they were on fire :)

And in the case of BMW I've got nothing but praise for our local dealer (Angmering) for how we were treated when we bought our MINI in 2001, but when we tried to change it for a BMW in 2003 we were treated like dirt. Now to be fair we were looking at a 316Ti compact for my partner, so with hindsight a narrow escape :roflmao: Alos Snows in Porstmouth were also absolutely useless when the 535d had issues. Bearing in mind the car was bought new, under a year old, and one of 2 newish BMWs we owns at the time that was disappointing. But I've got nothing but praise for Barons in Farnborough who I bought the ex Olympics 520d from, even though the car did turn out to be the wrong one for me.

In both cases I'm not actually that bothered by the cost - Audi perhaps a bit high for new cars but very reasonable for old ones and BMW just irritating for the number of times they have to go in as they get older.

For MB I'm on the fence - so far I've had less need to use them, but their service and the costs seem OK to me. Their aftercare is much better though IME; unprompted all 4 wheels on mine were changed due to imperfections in the lacquer that they highlighted - I hadn't even noticed! On the other hand when I had company C and E classes many years ago from a certain dealer in Bracknell and Slough I was definitely left feeling like a poor relation by them as (a) I hadn't bought my car and (b) they were fairly basic in spec, and at the lower end of their respective ranges!

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