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Dealer Bullsh1t check


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Car is in the stealers for some minor things with one of the being that the car rolls a bit (2-3 inches) after the handbrake has been applied when on a slope.

Now Mr stealer says this is a 'quirk' and quite common for BMW's, but my bullsh1t radar thinks otherwise as I've never had this with any car I've ever driven, even other BMWs!

Thoughts please....

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If it's an auto then I call bullsh*t.  The handbrake is fecked and the 3-4" roll is the car settling onto the parklock.


If it's manual and you're leaving it in gear, ditto.  


If it's manual and you're leaving it in neutral then I haven't a clue but have never encountered this on any of the BMWs I've owned.

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It is VERY common in the X5 and X6 autos but not by 2-3 inches.


The X5 would move a good inch, maybe 1.5, the X6 does it by about 2cm.


It is usually on the cars before Stop/Start and remote ignition, where the key slots into the dash.

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