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Audi Welcome Porsche Back To Le Mans


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With Porsche returning to Le Mans, Audi decided to welcome their German compatriots back to the famous race with an awesome new video. Dindo Capello drives the Audi R18 e-tron quattro from Audi HQ to the Porsche factory in Stuttgart before performing some cheeky donuts.



I heard that patently was going to drive the Audi in the advert, but there wasn't enough run off :bike:

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I'm all for the bits that are engineering led and motorsport friendly. You have to admit they hide that well with their road cars though.


I like the LMP1 Audis. You can't help but be impressed with the year on year improvements to an already world beating design, enough to shrug off just about all challenges for a decade.


But Porsche and Le Mans mean something special to me. I learnt about LM24 in the days of Porsche dominance, of 240mph down the Mulsanne, and of formation finishes. The mystique of it all defined to me what motorsport means to the heart.


So for Porsche to finally be competing again in the top class means a great deal. If they were to win in their first year would be incredible.

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