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Graphics Tablets - Advice please!


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Little Miss P is asking about a graphics tablet for her birthday soon. We think that's a good idea for her - she has arty skills and we're keen to encourage them.

Trouble is, I know the square root of bugger all about graphics tablets! Can anyone tell me which ones are good, which to avoid, what features they have/are important etc?

Ta +++

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As Andy says, Wacom. +++


Buy one of the £50 models.  They're just as good as the ones costing 4-5 times as much, with just a smaller touch pad.


The best designer that works for MrsMe has a Mac costing about £3k....and insists on using a £45 Wacom tablet. :roflmao:




p.s. by the looks of it you get a free £25 book thingy too.  Bargain!

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