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Goodwood Festival of Speed 2014 - Sunday report (photo heavy)


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Goodwood Festival of Speed 2014

After a great day with the lads at FoS (JHT and Smudge for the TSN long termers!) on Friday I returned with a vengeance on Sunday, armed with big camera gear and a very fortunate last min pavilion ticket from the team at Michelin who have a huge presence at Goodwood sponsoring the Supercar paddock area of the event. Being bazza I had to put my own spin on the day so took the plunge and booked up with Elite Helicopters for their Eashing (near Guildford) to Goodwood transfer - mainly to save time sitting in the car, I seem to remember getting home last year took best part of 3hrs from walking out to the car parks and then struggling through the traffic back home. So the morning starting out looking much like this -


which turned into this


You get dropped into Goodwood Aerodrome where a nice VIP Merc S class is waiting to take you the 5 mins, dropping you next to the house at the back of the Supercar Paddock where Michelin have collected all manner of mouth watering metal - the photos don't do it justice but standing there, jaw dropped, looking at not one but two LaFerrari's (green was Jaykay's) and the spectacular 'unique' Ferrari F12 TRS leaves you amazed but wondering where all this can go from here? Then you turn around and see a Koenigsegg one:1 and a Martini liveried 918 Spyder, I literally had to calm myself down and breathe a little...




The Cartier Style et Luxe was the usual feast of super rare and super condition automotive delights - quite a focus this year on Maserati (they had the stables this year) and Mustang from all generations. Highlights for me - the bonkers TVR Speed 12, Lister Storm, F40, McLaren M12GT (60's, Crazy Mazda Rotary concept, in fact Chris Evans magnificent collection - the whole lot...!


Had a good walk around, a few cars really stood out - the ICON landrover defender with roll cage, no body work and 600bhp - the £95k fully carbon'd up Atom 3.5 with sidepods! The bonkers Nissan Nismo concepts and the David Brown thing (love the bench in the boot to use when you're watching polo). There was by far the loudest car I have ever heard - some McLaren racer of old complete with trumpets that, when started, I actually checked to see if my ears were bleeding...


Of course, with the good comes the bad...and the ugly. Much fuss was made of the VW chopped concept so when Seat realised they were late and needed a concept for Goodwood they lopped the top off something and created the Seat Cupster - please look it up for a real dogs dinner, I didn't photograph it for fear of cracking a lens element..

Time for the hill - had two great viewing areas. Mercedes had a great position on the manufacturers side facing just left of the house giving a great view up and down the hill - was free to Mercedes keyholders. Audi have done their cafe, not sure what BMW do but note to self for next year - turn up with a pocket full of various keys... +++


Second viewing area was the Gurney Pavilion courtesy of Michelin - almost opposite the Mercedes area but on the house side. Very smart with unspoiled views going up the hill past the house. Was great to see the gang there for a catchup plus others guests including my Le Mans co-pilot Rebecca who herself was driving the hill several times for Ariel, Porsche and some others. Also there was Graham one of the organisers of the Wilton Classic and Supercar event, so hope to have more news about that being held 10th August (day before my birthday). Highlights included a very cool looking Jaykay (who's green LaFerrari was mentioned earlier) rocking lilac trousers instead of Goodwood red... A super sunburnt Chris Evans who I missed the opportunity to offer some factor 50 to. Lunch was a chilled affair with McNish as guest on our table - few classic racing tales and actually support for Hoy after his minor indiscretion up the hill the day before. After a couple of crashes on the hill (including the Spanish Sin supercar which didn't look healthy when it past us!) they were running 2hrs behind schedule, still plenty to drool at....

After wrapping up watching a bit of the Harvey interview with Ben Collins I jumped back in the Merc and headed to the Aerodrome - casually few mins before my flight was due to leave back to Eashing - last surprise of the day was talking to the pilot and turning to see who else was joining us in this little R44 - Nick Mason and his mate, rounded off a great day with just a quick blat up the A3 to get home - Elite Helicopters come highly recommended from this air convert +++



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Bit harsh on the Porsche driver, T. Have you ever been going round a corner fully committed and had a red warning flag waved at you?

It's not really harsh, as that's what happened, in his own words.

He was on the straight (ish) approach to Moulcombe when the red flag was waived, and he hesitated before making the decision to negotiate the corner or not, unfortunately, Moulcombe isn't a corner that forgives any form of indecision.

He was simply unlucky, he'd have made it around if there wasn't a red flag.

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Exactly - he hesitated because he was momentarily distracted.  There is an "uhoh" moment when you see a red flag, as it means that there could be ANYTHING on track in front of you - a stationary car, a stationary pile of cars*, a recovery truck coming the other way, a marshal trying to rescue a driver... so he needed to bin all his existing plans and develop a new one on the spot.  In the brief moment that took, his options vanished.  


I'm sympathetic to the guy.




*unlikely on the Goodwood hill, I'll agree, but the instinctive reaction will be too quick to take that into account

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WIsh i'd got there, i'd looked a couple of days before and there were tickets still available, the night before I mentioned it wifey and she said she's love to go, then looked and all the tickets had gone :( definitely going to plan better and get to next year, might try and get tickets for Revival in september.


Cracking pics there Bazza, looks fantastic. Might have to up you from [email protected] to c...

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