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MK Meet - Weds 6th August


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MK Meet - Weds 6th August, 6:30pm onwards onwards at the Caldecotte Arms, Milton Keynes.   +++


Long may this fantastic warm weather continue for the August MK Meet.  We haven't sat outside for a meet in years, maybe this time we might.  6:30pm start time is now a permanent fixture all year round, but if people cannot arrive until later that is of course absolutely fine. Usual suspects please post your interest, potential MK meet newbies please post below so we can look out and welcome you!  Any enthusiast welcome.  The meet is posted on RS246, spin-off forum Audi SRS and the S2 Forum.


For any newcomers (or forgetful old timers) the Caldecotte Arms pub is by the junction of the A5 and the A4146 right next to the oddly shaped - and now smoothly resurfaced - roundabout under the A5 (great for testing your Milltek). Look for the Windmill! Coming off the dual carriageway, drive down as far as the pub and then turn left towards the outside 'arc' of the car park - the top tier so to speak.

The Caldecotte Arms
Bletcham Way
Milton Keynes
01908 366188



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I think I should not only be available BUT also to appear at this one!!!!


Any VAG-com experts goings?  I have it on my laptop, but I need to 'fool' the car into thinking it has a proper Audi supplied battery, when it has a Bosch one.  Unless the MMI firmware can be upgraded easily with a newer version?

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Whats the difference between the batteries?  The usual headache after a battery change is the momentary loss of power to the car.  Mine did all sorts of funny things, thankfully all fixed bar I cannot get mpg on the DIS.  Odd!

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I think the difference is just the the MMI is programmed for certain battery serial numbers.  I was hoping that maybe the newer firmware has more battery codes embedded.

Soemtime ago, I fooled it into thinking the battery was fine, and all was good for a few months.  Then it started whinging again.

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Twas a good meet, 10 attendees, usual collection of Audis, plus 1 VW, 1 BMW, 1 Merc, 1 Maserati, 1 Ducati 1098.  Took a few very brief pics on old camera phone (current phone was playing up)

Looking forward to seeing Nigels resprayed 964


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