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Need advice on car I'm looking to buy this weekend


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Hi Everyone...


I'm just after some advice on a 2012 A4 2.0TDIe Technik I'm looking at this weekend.

This will be the 1st time I've seen the car, took a similar model for a test drive last weekend.


Just wondered if there is anything I should be on the lookout for with this model?

I'm getting it from an Audi dealer so it's "Audi Approved".


Are there any common problems that I should be on the lookout for when I go to see it tomorrow?


Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!




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Ask for HPI paperwork.

Ask about warranty work, if any done.

Check tyres and spare.

Ask if defects will be sorted,chips and the like.

Check for smoking ex driver, burns, ashtray use.

Check interior for damages, wear on upholstery, scratches on leather

Check exterior lighting for condensation.

Review service history.

Fiddle with computer and check long term mpg, service due indicator.

If sag nav, is there an update disk.

Ask who previous owner was and why it was sold back.

Look at shuts over the body and make sure they are all level and even gap. Odd changes might be accident fixed.

Then again, I guess you know to do all the above and all the general stuff. So I'll leave it there.

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Don't you have an Audi driver in the house NNMM?


Yes.  She backs up the theory 100%, in the female form.


She has all the spatial awareness of a bulldozer in a pedestrian subway and I don't think she's figured out what a roundabout is yet - except somewhere that other drivers blast their horns at you.

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