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Track Rage Driver Tagically Killed


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This story goes way deeper. There's an allegation that the above video had it's sound doctored so the car who hit the guy didn't appear to be accelerating at the time of the impact. There's another video from a different angle and you can clearly hear him floor it just before impact. Tragic loss of life, whatever the circumstances.

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Warning: these videos show the impact.

First video with fan dialogue: http://m.liveleak.com/view?i=969_1407652422

Alternative video with what is purported to be non doctored audio: http://www.geenstijl.nl/mt/archieven/2014/08/boze_nascarmeneer_rijdt_colleg.html

As you can hear, the second video clearly shows Taylor speed up just before impact.

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Do we really want links to videos of a fatality?


There's an awful lot we don't know about what happened, not least what was in Stewart's head at the time. I know he has a reputation as a bit of a hot head, but I can't really believe his intent was any more than to frighten him, at worst.  It's even feasible he kicked the back out to try and avoid him having only seen him at the last minute.  This was a poorly lit dirt track at night - not exactly Daytona in glorious sunshine.

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Or your arse is on fire.

That second video does sound like a burst of acceleration but it was the other side of the track and could have been any car.

Very tragic either way but the fact they're investigating suggests some people wouldn't put it past Stewart doing it in a rush of blood to the head moment.

Very sad.

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I have resisted on commenting on this until more facts became available and I understood the situation more.

I am a huge Smoke (Tony Stewart) fan and like Garçon said he has a reputation as a hot head so feared that this was intentional on Sunday morning when I started to learn about it. However I am now better informed on the facts and it seems to be a total tragedy for all concerned.

It is worth pointing out there is very little visibility to the right of a sprint car due to the staggered wing. Ward was in a dimly lit part of the track and wearing a dark suit and helmet.

This is a great article.


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It seems things are still very much rolling on with this, its hard to know what to think. 


Another article with a set of fairly balanced views but not further information. There must be more videos than the one found I'd have thought that might be able to shed a little more light on the current views.


Personally I think its entirely plausable that he blipped the throttle as he passed to say 'don't mess with me', 'why are you point at me idot', 'do you know who I am' attitude and he has got closer than he thought and hit him. Did he hit him on purpose, no, a tragic error of judgement, probably. 



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Just imagine how jacked up Kevin Ware would have been if he wasn't mellowed by that smooth, sweet Canandaigua** herb.

He might have tried to take a bite out of Smoke's tire or something worse...

Still, he was probably like all...



even on the weed...



** think Hull, aka Kingston-upon-Hull

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