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Ceiling opens half A4 cabriolet 2004


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Changed module that sits right behind the back cover number 8h0 959 255 ....... I changed this sensor 
who uploaded the above picture also changed and the sensor which is below who has two buttons. The result was - nothing ..... straight horror. 

I bought a new pump put she is and still nothing. 

We did it with an original adaptation program errors every time they cleaned up after the change of freelance described above. 

There is a sensor that sits on the right omutrisyor that takes into account the final poluzhenie lid by lifting it detaches from where you sit, the lid has nepada and then manually pushed (button sensor) ceiling (the soft part ) leave to enter and stops. 

If the sensor sits whatever-- you need to get:
VIDEO0048 - YouTube

Any idea to resove the prolem ?

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I have absolutely no idea what you post means, or is trying to ask for advice on.

Take a deep breath and maybe you should attempt to re write the post with some comprehensible content :)

Or write it in his native language and use Google translate...then we might be in with a chance of understanding what the problem is.

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The car is A4 2004 cabrio, the tilt can’t be opened


So what’s the problem with the tilt? – It releases the front mechanism, it lifts the back metal (cover/hood/top), the absorbers can’t hold it and it meets the roof (the convertible top). Afterwards everything becomes manual.


I changed the module that is right behind the back cover with a number 8h0 959 255 ....... I also changed this sensor 
I also changed the sensor with the two buttons underneath. The result was - nothing .....The horror of horrors!


I bought a new pump, set it and it still doesn’t work.

We made an adaptation with an original program. Every time we changed anything we detected the errors and corrected them

There is a sensor on the right absorber that takes into account the final position of hood. When it’s been lifted and I disengage it from the place it is supposed to be, the roof doesn’t fell any more. After I manually press the button of the sensor, the convertible top starts to move in and it stops.

If the sensor is where it should be, this is what happens:


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