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Champions League Draw


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Massive fix.


Not because Man City drew Bayern Munich for the 3rd time running (yawn), but because of Monaco.


Monaco were in the last pot, the final one to be drawn.Monaco were the second team to come out of the draw from that last pot.


There are 8 groups. Monaco were drawn second so had 7 groups left to be drawn into. They can not go in with PSG which leaves 6 choices.


There were only 3 choices mixed in the bowl and not 6. 


The result? Monaco have a piss easy group. 


I have watched it back 3 times now and it is 100% wrong.

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Tough draw mind you. UEFA really have got it in for us with their rigged draws over the years.




City fans have been giving their exit excuses for 2 hours now on Twitter.  You're all beginning to sound like Arsenal fans of the last decade. :grin:


Had it been a single game, I'd give you a fighting chance.  However, over two legs, no chance.


Chelsea will beat PSG in my view and I don't think Monaco will be the route to the next phase that Arsenal fans seem to think they are.


Liverpool, Spurs and Celtic have all been given ways of getting out of the Europa League quickly.  I don't think any of them will win.  Everton should progress although I think UEFA should force their Swiss opponents to change their name.  It's just wrong, so wrong. :roflmao:

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A very injury prone striker. Hmmm, yep That's the kind of player our manager loves. It's a deal.

He will always be a legend in my eyes. That little toe for his only assist in 3 years.

SAF marching over to the Utd fans with his team full of smiles. Phil Jones with his shirt off celebrating.

Wait, what's that?


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