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New here :)


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Welcome to the forum, c_j!

So... have you driven the Merc yet?

Not yet....I have purchased it from a very trusted source tho.

The story is: lady buys brand new merc c220 turbo diesel 2.2 w202, puts 100,000 miles on it, services it on time, every time, at mercedes- full history ect ect.

Passes it down to her 30 odd year old son, he puts 20,000 miles on it, services it the same as his mother.

He MOT it last friday- drives home, anf one of the hoses expired while driving.

Its currently on his driveway- I need to find the correct hose for it- as he didnt have time to fix it.

Good bodywork, standard patch of rust on the lower passanger front door- needs 4 new tires in my opinion...

Just had fuel injectors replaced(or whatever the equivalent is for this car)

Cant wait to actually drive it!!!

Got it at a bargain- which was niiiiice.

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Greetings. Stay around - it is good 'ere.

Theres some good topics here too, I have noticed!!

Im not new to forums- just havent used them in a long time- as I believe that wastebook has killed the forums- which is sad.

Thank you all for the warm welcomes :)

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Potentially quite a nice deal. Perhaps have a close look at the other hoses when you get it home, though - they'll be just as old as the one that expired.

I was thinking the exact same thing.

When I finally get it home, and get working on it- closer inspection will be issued.

I plan to bring it back to its full glory- inside and out.

I like to look after all my cars :)

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Hi c_j from Gloucestershire .... welcome to our world (although without face ache you won't be able to see what we all look like :P ). +++

Well, let me say- I speak for myself- you guys are lucky im not on there- i dont want your pcs and phones to spontaneously melt down hahha

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