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Lake District (Windemere) - what to see in 1 day?


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Taking an elderly relative to the Lake District tomorrow as per request.

he can't walk very far so hiking etc is out so basically want to know what to see/do as a "taster" experience for a day trip.


I figured head to Windemere, do the boat trip on the lake.

Where else in/around Windemere?

After that I thought a drive up Kirkstone Pass would give us some good views


I know it is all a bit lastminute but he only told me yesterday he wants to go before he flies back home (next week)!

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On a serious note then...


Drive up to the top of Ullswater for the views.  Do a lap of Coniston on the rather nice route around it, again for the views.


Drive out of Ambleside and park up on the left hand side little car park for the stunning view down towards what I think is Brotherswater (could be wrong).


I think the water trips are vastly over-rated.  Guess what you see?  Water and trees, oh and some lovely houses by the lakeside that you can't see from the roadside.  Other than that, they're mainly pretty tatty boats that are uncomfortable to sit on and sell you soft drinks at stupid prices.


The unfortunate thing about the Lakes is that you'll not see any of the truly stunning scenery unless you can walk well away from the roads (and by that I mean a good mile at least, often much more) and get up the hills. 


My cousin does a lot of hiking in the Lakes and they'll walk miles and miles up the hills.  The photography is superb but they're seriously into the whole hiking thing and they see views that very few others will.  That's how to really enjoy the Lake District.

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It'll be horrible today.  Absolutely horrible.  Best of luck with it, but I don't need to look far out of our window to know what it is going to be like over in Cumbria!  Yuck.

Same here. It's humod though so tshirts with fleece in the boot is the plan!

What can you do though - the man has flown 4k miles to attend the wedding and but for the weather it would have been a nice day out (as weather was yesterday)

He'll make the best of anything - he's like that.


Last sister's wedding I had to rent a minibus and take everyone on a tourist visit to London so this is child's play.


The views from Hardknott pass can be quite spectacular but needs to be a clear day.

wow the pix look great. Will store away as may bring the kids when weather is better one day (I have acceded their pleas to stay back today)

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That looks similar to a pic I took at the top of Kirkstone pass.

In the end I took my wife, uncle and also my dad - both walk with the aid of sticks.


Went to Bowness and took the ferry trip to Ambleside, followed by the drive along Kirkstone Pass and then home from Penrith.

They all really enjoyed it so that was job done.

I also found this much nicer than my memory of the last trip and we will bring the kids for a long weekend in better weather. I am sure young sir will love the idea of self-hire motorised boats!


Will post up my pic soon....

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