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Formula E Beijing


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I've set it to record, just so I can say I gave it a chance, which I will, but I certainly don't see it as being anything like as significant as Jimdiesel.

I think it'll be a flop, F1 struggles to get decent viewing figures a lot of the time, I can't imagine Bernie allowing this to gain much momentum, which I can't see it doing anyway to be honest.

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A couple of things to remember.

This is not an electric F1. The cars are about FR 2.0 / sub F3 levels of performance.

This is the beginning and performance levels will ramp up rapidly over the coming years.

Two big attractions for me are the driver line up which has real quality and depth. And Dario Franchitti on commentating duties.

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Is it true the races are 45 mins long, but the batteries last 25 mins - so you have to come in to change cars?


yep video >  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152157195367282


"The 45-minutes race will involve two pit stops, at which point drivers will run 100m to a recharged car in a crowd-pleasing, Le Mans-style dash."  - not sure if they kept the 100m dash

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