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What mountain bike?


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The time has come to buy myself a bike, the lad is getting more and more confident on his bike every day, and wanting to go further afield, I need a bike so the two of us can go out for rides, also so I can start doing a bit of exercise, and get out with my mates who like to do a bit of cross country stuff over the south downs.


I've found this one - http://www.halfords.com/cycling/bikes/mountain-bikes/voodoo-hoodoo-mountain-bike-18#tab1 currently on sale at Halfords.


I don't want to spend any more than the £400 it's on sale at, so that is the top budget.


It's got excellent customer reviews, and a glowing review from What Mountain Bike magazine.


I guess the question is, can I do any better for the money?


Halfords will put it together and give it it's first service for free, I like that, and our local Halfords bike department is excellent.


I don't want to order something online if it means having to build it myself, can't be bothered with that.


So, any suggestions, or should I just go with that? seems to have all the stuff that attracts my attention like hydraulic disc brakes and front suspension with lock out.

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Just my opinion but I would steer clear of Halfords. There are better bikes to be found for the same money. Take a look at Evans website for example - maybe you have a store near you?

The example I've linked is in your budget with a good saving and superior to the Voodoo? They also have a Specialized Hardrock just over your budget that you should maybe consider. Another site to check is Tweeks - here is an example of a decent entry level bike in your budget. http://www.tweekscycles.com/bikes/hardtail-mountain-bikes/scott-aspect-640-26-hardtail-mountain-bike

Scott bikes have a good reputation.

Good luck and get out there and ride

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At your budget, the advice is normally always pick a decent frame with the geometry to fit you properly. All the components can be upgraded later if you were to find yourself wanting for better braking, smoother shifting, better front suspension etc. Id pick that 'dale over the others straight away, youll probably find the 29er is better suited to you, will roll faster and easier over stuff with less reliance on the budget forks to dampen the trail. If you then want to start tackling more serious trails, you either upgrade bits or chop it in for the next level up. :)

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Tipex, my advise would be not to get a bike from Halfords. I would find a local independent bike shop for advice and back up.

They'll have most bikes and could get you most brands. They'll be a lot more knowledgeable and honest and if you break it they will know how to fix it properly. £400 well get you a good starter bike but it will be heavy. I'd get front suspension only for that money as a full suspension will be totally shite and heavy. Remember helmet and padded shorts and some gloves, pump etc.

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Appreciate the advice, some stuff to look at there.

With regards to Halfords, our local stores bike department is excellent, helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff, a complete contrast to the local bike shop and the miserable tosser that runs it, i'd have liked to have supported him, but frankly he doesn't deserve it.

Couldn't fault Halfords when we bought Tipex juniors bike, hence why i'm happy to give them my money.

Otherwise, there aren't really any bike shops within a sensible distance unfortunately.

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Just to update this thread, typically I ignored everyone's advice and bought a bike from Halfords! :grin:

I was chatting to a bike tech from another Halfords store (happened to pick him up in my cab), and he gave me a tip off about some clearance bikes that weren't on the website.

So I've bought a 2011/12 model year Voodoo Bantu.

The 2013 model is on the website at a clearance price of £320, however, the 2011 model is only available via the internal ordering system, so you have to actually ask them to find one for you, and there aren't many left, mines being couriered from the Coleraine store, it's £250, and has a better spec than the 13 model as it has air shocks, and Shimano hydraulic brakes rather than Tectro.

I know it's not an amazing bike, but it'll be more than good enough for what I'll be using it for, it has excellent reviews, I'm more than happy with Halfords service, the chap was as excellent this time as they were when I bought mini T's bike, and I managed to get him to throw in the service pack too, which includes unlimited free labour for three years, £50 annual voucher for three years to spend on accessories, discount on any non warranty parts, and an annual service for each of the three years.

Oh, and I got him to service mini T's bike for free too.

I'm more than happy with that deal, and I'd suggest anyone that wants a cheap bike with reasonable spec for the money to have a look.

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