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Photo management (not editing) software recommendation


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I was quite happy with Picasa but the fact that it doesn't support networked storage is a pain.


All my pics are tagged (Holidays, Car, Motorbike, Trackdays, etc etc) and I'd like another piece of software to help me manage these tags and photos. Ideally with face recognition.


Any recommendations?

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I've got all my photos on a homeserver and use Picasa from time to time and it has no problems connecting to a share. What is the issue Scotty?


Lightroom is the best for managing a photo library the pros use it by the dozen and I've used it for 20k+ of photos and it works a treat regardless of where the photos are stored. Plus the latest version allows you to store remotely and create a local preview even if they aren't there at all. 


The only issue with lightroom used to be that you need the core library file that has knowledge of all the files and tweaks to be stored locally. I do that and then link it into dropbox that then shares it round the PCs so I have the correct copy of the library everywhere I need it. +++ 

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