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Project Merscabies

garcon magnifique

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The old battleaxe goes into Cheshire Classic Benz tomorrow.


There's some stuff she definitely needs, like an exhaust and an MoT. Other stuff will depend on what we see when we peak under her skirt tomorrow (oo-er). All being well, in a short space of time she'll emerge with a bit of extra shininess ready for a new luxurious home in a proper storage facility where she'll always be ready for me to take her out for a damn good beasting.


More news tomorrow, when the initial job list might have a bit more certainty...



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Possibly! Planning on most of what's needed being done in one go, but we'll see. What's needed to get it through its MoT is the first part!

And what with me being as useful with a spanner as a blind armless sloth there may not be as many strip and build type photos as eldavo and patently. :uhoh:

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Probably should have taken some pics when it was up on the ramp. There's a few bits that aren't pretty, but nothing hugely scary.


I was impressed with the workshop and the chief mechanic. Their approach makes sense and they understand what I want from them. 


Goes for an MoT on Tuesday to see what it fails on. That'll dictate the first job list and how much money is left for the nice bits. There's definitely a bit of welding to do underneath - hopefully the small holes don't become fecking great big holes when they start prodding. :P

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Phase 1 gets underway properly today. MoT fail list was 'better than expected'. A few bits of welding to keep her solid and that exhaust. The fiddly bit is under the fuse box.

As long as big chunks of chassis don't fall off when he starts looking for somewhere solid to start, there's hope that there will be more budget for the nice bits.

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No new pics, but....  the old battle axe now has a shiny new exhaust, some shiny bits underneath holding everything together, and .... 12 months MOT with no advisories!




Next step is to see about tidying up the bodywork.  Not a huge amount to do but worth dealing with the few bits and pieces to give her a new lease of life.

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Update time.

Next phase is bodywork. Into the bodyshop next week for treatment of the obvious bits of corrosion, some paint and a machine polish. Hopefully snaps of before, progress and after to follow.  (I realised last week I spent an hour in the workshop looking at the car and talking about what next and entirely forgot to take any photos. Dumbass. :uhoh: )

After that she'll go into storage for the horrible wet, dark, snowy months - with perhaps the odd outing to blow away the cobwebs.

Then when it starts getting light again it'll be a service, a new battery and hopefully a fixed aircon in readiness for shenanigans and mischief in 2015 (starting with an early 18-30 Club jaunt??).

It's a credit to Ben that he took so much time to find a good one and then looked after it properly - while still managing to misbehave with it as only a proper car fool knows how (I mean, lending it to the Duke? Seriously?? :P ) - that Merscabies is in a good enough condition for the extra work to be worthwhile. In fact with Ben having replaced many of the wear and tear bits it means I'm able to spend on the cosmetics.


Had a long chat today with the owner/expert at CCBenz, who also owns a slighly less miley 2.5-16.  His overall impression is good, subjectively he said she feels a little loose but no more than you'd expect for the miles.  Obviously he's delighted for me to spend money with him, but he strikes me as enough of an enthusiast to have a genuine interest and knowledge that he's happy to share.  And that's given me the confidence that we're dealing with a good, honest example that's worth a bit of investment ... while appreciating that the only way I'd ever see the money I'm spending reflected in the value of the car is if I keep her (and keep spending) for another five or ten years.


Funnily enough, even though I've hardly driven her, the decision to spend a little money in the right places and understanding a little more about her is creating a bond.  Several weeks ago I was really unsure I'd done the right thing.  I'm now much more content, if a little poorer. :P

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