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2014 Japanese GP


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They'll be there, they can't of blown all of Ericsson's $18m yet, can they?  :o


Caterham fear for their future as financial struggles for smaller teams bite
Sources at ailing outfit tell Telegraph Sport work on next year’s car has “ground to a halt”, with difficulties buying in materials for construction



Reported on twitter that Police and Bailiffs are shutting down the Caterham factory: https://twitter.com/search?f=realtime&q=Caterham&src=typd (no reliable source yet)
Hope that this ends up being an awful rumour especially since their team is in Suzuka and ready to race this weekend.
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FIA: Bianchi was unconscious when being transported to hospital via ambulance, not helicopter, because of weather conditions his medical condition. Hospital is 45mins away by road :(

TV reporter: "Sutil just told us Bianchi hit the truck sideways. Didn't look good. Adrian was shocked."

Feeling kind of hollow now, hope Jules is okay.

The cockpit has substantial damage, (I'm not posting the pictures)




Daily Fail has them in full glory - the tasteless feckers :ffs:

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They've got to do something about these removal trucks. They are quite possibly the perfect height and shape to cause the most substantial damage to an open top racing car. When you see one driving around a circuit you just wince at the thought of what would happen if a driver hit one.

Prayers are with Jules, but I do fear for him.

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