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CAT5e/6 cabling etc


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Used to. Biggest job was Cardiff Uni- 85 odd buildings over 4 campus sites, about 9,000 positions.

What sized offices is your project, and what sort of information do you want?

In an ideal world the cable is limited to 90m plus patch and fly leads. Anything that can't stay within 90m should then be run to sub closets. Sub closets tend to have hub hardware and uplinks back to the central comms room via fibre or high carry copper.

Depending on how mission critical the user requirements are you then get into the world of resilience. A good example is having a departments feeds feed from different sub closets to avoid hub failure at one closet killing the whole departments service.

Plaining is pretty important, and needs to include the physical bulk of cabling having enough tray, basket, trunking capacity more so at the bottle neck points such as nearer to the closets where a bulk of 1000 cables needs considerable containment.

Cabinet or wall frame design is also key to avoid messy and unmanageable patching between active kit and user position.

Does the site have up telephony or do they still retain pabx voice which means each user will need seperate sockets for voice and data?

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