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What cleaning products do you use most?


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My cleaning products consist of a text message to a detailer saying "Can you get the car in today?" :roflmao:


That's where it is right now.


However, were I looking to buy products I'd probably keep some decent leather cleaner handy. 


I must admit I am loathed to do anything else because of a lack of time and also not wanting to completely wreck Jet Black paintwork with my 'questionable' detailing abilities. :roflmao:

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Good luck with the venture!


Me?  I use* £5 worth of man, water, bubbly stuff, electricity and some wash on-off polish


Then I might use autoglym with my own hands for additional polishing.  Oh, some wierd meguirs spray that you then wipe off.





* use = give to men at my local 'manual wash' facility  :grin:

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The video's  online seem to show its easy wipe on wipe off process, but as always its all in the prep.


I was lucky enough to buy the car done, but would probably get a detailer to do it first time around and then maintain it. In heavy rain the car practically washes itself/ it just repels dirt and water.


C2v3 goes on like a water mist and bufffs off. its so quick, i use it to top up the wheels, even if not intended for them.

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