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[Audi A3/S3] Hot Hatch Help


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I'm after advice about purchasing a S3, looking at spending up to £22k, would this be a safe purchase or is depreciation likely to be high?

What am i likely to get for this sort of money and would S3 be a better long term prospect than R32.

R32 was my first choice but went to see a R32 which had been sold and dealer had a Ming Blue S3 which was eye catching and salesguy reckoned S3 would offer same fun with cheaper running costs(fuel, depreciation etc) I was impressed with the S3 interior(Black Leather Recaro), 18” TT Nine Spokes, Alu door mirrors, Bose and Sunroof for £22.5k on 52 plate(2003) with 9000 miles

Should i buy an S3 over R32? already asked for advice on R32

forum. Would like S3 owners opinions confused.gif

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Your dealer is right about the depreciation.. the S3 is used so its lost already some depreication whereas the R32 will fall harder due to the new model coming out...

Take em both for a drive, they are very different beasts!

I drove a R32 today down in Sydney, but my chipped S3 is leagues ahead.. So the S3 is to stay with me...

Had the R32 had more power, and a new shape i would have traded the S3 in no worries at all...

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Ahh but then chip the R32 and add an exahust, and the car totally changes. You get the stiffer suspension on the R32, and sportier handling and interiour with a great soundtrack to boot.

I dont think it will make much differance depreciation wise, except they are both enthusiasts cars, and there are far less of the R32's possibly making them more desirable.

I think it really depends on what you want. They both have great interiors, and 4 wheel drive. I found when driving the S3 that it felt softer than the R32. You dont get the same kick in the back from the torque (even though i dont think there would be much in it in straight line ability). It wasnt quite as good to chuck in to the corners. It is just not as sportier car.

What it is though is more discreat, and possibly more grown up. They are great looking and i wanted one. I was just attrackted to the R32 becasue of the bigger engine, better sound sports seats and steering wheel and the fact it was cheaper.

Drive them both and see what you prefure, you cant go wrong either way beerchug.gif

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I'm after advice about purchasing a S3, looking at spending up to £22k, would this be a safe purchase or is depreciation likely to be high?

[/ QUOTE ]

May I suggest a solution outside the box? The S3 and R32 are going to suffer some serious depreciation as you correctly state. The S4 on the other hand has seen prices slip big time and now they are stable again. Was helping a buddy enquire about an S4 Avant with around 50k on the clock late last summer; 17-18k seemed the figure the specialist dealers were asking. Fontain seemed the crop of the bunch, their phone manner for starters was excellent although time prevented us making a trip down to their base in Iver, (very SE) Bucks, just off the M25. Prices haven't slipped much since despite that being over 6 months ago; note that Avant prices are 1-2k more than respective saloons.

2000X S4 saloon, 52k, Ebony Black, Full Leather

'In soon' when I created this post - read being prepared after px - I would expect the car to be advertised for £14995.

Ian C

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