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iPhone 5S sought..


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..OK, so I've decided I'm going to try and join the 21st Century and get to grips with a "smartphone" to replace my very, very basic call/text only Nokia. There is also a sort of need as we are going to Hong Kong and New Zealand in the New Year and there are some apps that would be useful to us.


To this end I'm looking to get hold of a used iPhone 5S, preferably the 32gb one, any colour as that's not important.  I was looking at a 6S but can't justify £619 at the moment so if anyone is planning on getting rid of one before the end of the year can you let me know please.


Over the years we have gradually moved all our tech stuff over to Apple as and when replacement was required (iMac 27", MacBook Pro Retina, iPad) so it sort of makes sense to get an iPhone instead of and Android one.

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