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Back to the dealers today...Sodding Hell!!!


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Stone the crows Riz, looks like you had as much fun at your dealers as I did....here's my tales of woe from yesterday, originally posted in Riz's Brooome Broome message.

Car not cleaned to my satisfaction, scratches on boot lid, drivers door and bonnet. Run with some fecking a hole who thought he could climb in my pride and joy....I dont think so, whether its sat in a dealer showroom or not with me overseeing the [email protected]@T!!!

Got it home, took my next neighbour out, who thought the car was awesome, then proceeded to look round the car, discovered blemish in the paintwork, that I didn't pick up whilst it was being recleaned this morning.

Quick whizz back to dealers, yeah we'll sort that out, got it home again, only wipe it down to discover another scratch on the side mouldings and a wheel damaged...ARRRGGGHHH!!! smashfreakB.gif

So gotta go back again today, otherwise everything except final attention to detail was done as I asked.

Everything was present except the top up oil, asked for this and one was duely supplied, cover to follow.

Impressions of the car, well as per Riz, the throttle is very sensitive, exhaust note is fantastic. Colour WOW!!!

Overall i'm chuffed, but a bit pissed that the little things were missed..plus the knob end customer.

Photos to follow, but I need to resize them, any one know how to do this?

Thanks for everyones help on the various questions posted.

Meeting anyone?


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If you use Microsoft best thing to do is use paint and the Stretch Skew feature (Ctrl + W) make sure you reduce both axis by the same amount otherwise it will look weird!!!

Sorry to hear about the niggles, but hopefully will be rectified soon and there will be hours of happy motoring ahead!!!!

Congrats !


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My beast was in perfect order when i picked it up, immaculate one could say.

but after 4k its nearly hate to say it an absilute dog ! things are going wrong with it that i cannot post here, its getting real bad, i just hope they can fix all these things wrong with my beast, as after all it was a fantastic car.


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