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T Sport Badge


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I have just bought a A4 1.8 T Sport (older version) and I'm well pleased with it. Although it's a few years old it feels/looks like brand new.

My question is about the Audi Sport front grill badges that you see on some T Sport versions. Do they come as standard on any of the older a4's (96-2001) ?

When I was looking at cars some of them seemed to have a grill badge and others didnt.

My car has a plain grill but has the Audi Sport logo on the steering wheel, it has sport suspension, sport seats and an Audi rear spoiler that came with the car (not a mod).

Should I get an Audi Sport grill badge or would this make me a "try-hard" like putting an M3 badge on a standard BMW?

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i think the only grill badges that you get on the T-Sport are for the Quattros. I personally really like the Audi Sport badge and cant see much wrong in putting one on if you have the sport package on your car - i hankered with the idea of putting it on my A3 t-sport once but never really convinced myself that it was the right thing to do. Finding one will be a real problem though so you'll probably end up having to get an 's' or 'rs' badge and chop it up - otherwise, you'll definately be entering 'wannabe' territory.

You can get the 'audi performance' grill badge from vagparts (i think??) though i'm not sure what the hell the badge means as i've never seen it on a showroom car.

If i were you, i'd be tempted to leave your car as is.

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Thanks for the help gents, I certainly wont be Sawing up any S4 badges! I did just come accross some Kamei sport grills that have the Audi Sport logo on, which appears to be the same logo I have on my steering wheel (not s4 , rs4 rs6 etc) Any one have one of these?

So what does the sport Competition badge mean?

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