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Moan! and a Question?


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This morning travelling around the M25.....ESP fairy light comes on!..and stays on!...i was doing 40mph through roadworks....nothing special.. mad.gif..!!! i've had no mods whatsoever!...and the seat has started creaking big time sportifs2.gif...and i still need VW to look at the starting problem...see my earlier post.

Anyway just called NU direct re Stage 2 mod..(before i call VW re the problems)..they want an additional £330....is it worth it...on top of the £1200 i'm paying already!...(I'm guessing that the answer is going to be a definite yes!!!!)


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An update....my car went to the dealers yesterday. They couldn't find any stored faults on the computer...so no joy on the ESP/EPC problem.. sportifs2.gif....drivers seat creaking, couldn't replicate the sound but found that the nuts were worn...on order.....

other things they looked at: not stating at -3 see earlier post......couldn't check because it wasn't -3 sportifs2.gif...bunch of monkeys.

plastic portion of dash above steeling column rattles, couldn'e find it....i think the monkey must have been deaf!

but they did manage to but the blip on when locking/unlocking. 1 clever monkey.

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