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1998 Mk2 1.6 MX-5


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UK Mazda MX-5 Mk2 1.6 1998


125,000 miles

2 immobiliser keys and detailed history folder/service records

£2,850 ONO

Regrettably, my MX-5 is up for sale as it was intended for my wife but due to a shoulder operation she can no longer operate the roof. I purchased this car in November 2014 as a project and have spent thousands of pounds and countless hours getting it to where it is now. It was put back on the road in August 2015 and flew through an MOT with no advisories, it has since done approximately 300 happy miles and been stored over winter in a dehumidified garage plugged into a battery conditioner.

I'll try and list everything that's been done to the car along with the more sizeable purchase costs but will no doubt forget the odd thing. I've pretty much spent the asking price for the car in getting it to the standard it is today (that's not taking into consideration the original purchase price too) - worth bearing in mind when looking at a "cheap" eBay project with rust showing.

I'm happy to answer any questions or arrange any viewings/inspections either at my house (Newcastle upon Tyne) or at a mutually convenient location.

Bodywork - Paint Code 18G Highlight Silver, chassis rails have been repaired and undersealed. Sills, arches, door bottoms have all been replaced or repaired with all the rust cut out and new metal welded in, all cavities treated with cavity wax too and the correct stonechip applied. Fresh paint down both sides, front bumper and bootlid. Work was undertaken in August 2015 at a cost of £1400.

Hardtop was purchased for £250 and then treated for some bubbling and a couple of chips before being painted in February 2016 for another £150. Hardtop storage bag and the correct Mazda wall hanging brackets where also purchased and will be included.

The car has had the front MazdaSpeed aero lip/splitter painted and fitted and I also have a set of genuine MazdaSpeed 2-piece small side skirts painted and ready to fit - these are rarer than rare and I'm led to believe that there are only 2 other sets in the UK. These haven't been fitted so that any prospective purchaser can see the sills and that the skirts aren't hiding anything. Headlights polished to remove marks and yellowing, upgraded bulbs fitted. Soft top has heated rear glass window and is in good condition too. The bodywork is fantastic and truly sorted giving years of trouble-free and corrosion-free motoring.

Wheels - refurbed £100 and then had brand new Toyo T1R tyres fitted £200 and are as new. Brakes were fully stripped, painted, regreased and reassembled, one seized caliper was replaced, new pads and mounting clips were fitted. Fresh fluid and bleeding plus the handbrake mechanism being cleaned, lubricated and correctly set too. MazdaSpeed red centre caps fitted, brand new black ones also included. All wheel nuts replaced with new black ones and new locking wheel nuts too.

Engine - camgasket replacement (genuine Mazda part) and the cam box was painted and lacquered at the same time along with the exhaust heat shield. Air box replaced with a carbon fibre shrouded induction cone and cold air feed, charcoal canister removed, engine bay degreased, sanded back and painted. MX5Parts black honeycomb front grille fitted with MazdaSpeed badge. Adjustable polished strut brace fitted. Power flow stainless steel rear box and tail pipe. Auxiliary belts changed, oil and filter service.

Interior - seats removed, runners degreased, cleaned up and repainted. Seat bolster replaced due to wear on the vinyl base and shoulder stitching. Brand new genuine Mazda MX-5 mats fitted. Mk2.5 centre console fitted along with silver radio and heating trims. Gear gaitor and handbrake gaitor replaced with black leather and red stitching new items (gear turret oil changed too). Door cards also skinned with black leather with red stitching. Sony Bluetooth music/hands free stereo fitted along with stainless steel eyeball vent surrounds. Nardi steering wheel redyed too. Racing Beat leather covered style/brace bar fitted (this has a slight tear in the rear of the leather that has been repaired). Factory wind locker with storage net. MazdaSpeed carbon fibre stubby aerial fitted and immaculate black tonneau cover also included.

I'm happy for the numberplate to stay with the car, "S5 YHR" and "S5 YHT" are both available from the DVLA for £250 each so I guess it's worth that - unless you contact "Yvonne Helen Smith" who was one of the previous owners of the car and ask her if she'd like to buy her plate back!

As you can see, this car is not your usual rough example and has been restored and cherished by an owner well versed in looking after classics and modern classics. It is ready to go and be enjoyed for years to come!

I'm advertising it on here first - I'd planned to do a full project thread but unfortunately it's for sale before that can happen.


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Thank guys.

It really does want for nothing and I would happily jump into it and drive it to Europe without a moment's hesitation.

Insured on a limited mileage policy for £204 per year through Adrian Flux with any current and future modifications included on a like for like basis, full European breakdown cover and a guaranteed value of £3k.

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I'd buy it for our youngest if she was 3-4 years older.  Brilliant and fun car.


The 1.6 is a decent enough engine too.  They need working but they also make them perfect for a younger driver and even an experienced driver can have a lot of fun around country lanes in one. 


If you want someone to learn how to drive, after they've passed their test, there is no better 'drivers car'. 

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Righto - been asked a question via message so I've been digging through all the paperwork and the cambelt is nearly due on age - not even done half the mileage.

Been quoted £125 for the belt or £205 for belt, water pump, idler and tensioner as "while you're in there" jobs.

If I get the asking price I'll get the lot done at an MX-5 specialists before collection, otherwise consider it a negotiating point :)

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