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40k service what do they do?


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Unless you plan to keep the car until it dies, id always get it properly serviced (you dont need to go to a main dealer of course sekret.gif ), especially with a prestige car, without service history most people will just walk away.

Also when i get mine serviced, they put the car on the computer thing....and i've been told about problems that are being reported, which doing the work yourself, you wouldn't find out.

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Don't they do a cambelt change at 40k miles ?

It should say in the service booklet what happens, but as I don't have my A4 any more, I can't look it up to confirm it for you.

The only thing I skipped at 2 years was the brake fluid service (which is every 2 years, and not mileage related). Brakes were still fine at 2yrs 9 months, so I was quite pleased with myself at saving the £75 they were going to charge me for the privilege! However, I would only recommend skipping this if you feel you can tell the difference between a slightly soft brake pedal and normal operation.

I also skipped it on the wife's Golf, but 9 months later, it was desperately in need of it and cost me £70 for them to check the brakes and replace the fluid, instead of the £38 they would have charged at the 2yr service frown.gif

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i just had my 40k service & MOT at HWM Audi in Walton on Thames and this is what they done


carrying out 40k service £198


filter 1x £4.40

plugs 4x £44.24

filter 1x £7.69

element 1x £11.29

non approved fuel additive £10.99

screenwash £2.22

hose clips £2.20

synth engine oil £28

seal £0.66

all this was exc VAT but i had some other issues with the car which i ended up with a massive bill of £776 and i still need to get the temp sensor replaced which is gonna cost me another £108 - welcome to Audi I guess EEK2.GIF

I hate it when they add on screenwash, engine oil etc it just tops up the bill sportifs2.gif

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I hate it when they add on screenwash, engine oil etc it just tops up the bill sportifs2.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

I always fill my screenwash to the brim when taking it for service, so the cheeky feckers can't charge me an arm and a leg for it (although they do keep trying).

Also take my own oil in from Halfords as it's generally cheaper that the Audi supplied stuff (make sure you get the correct oil though).

Can you tell I'm from Ooop North smile.gif

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