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Canon 70D Body


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I've got my Canon 70D Body up for sale. You can see all the photos of it here

I bought this in February 2016 and have hardly used it - EOS Inspector shows that it's taken just 782 shots for example. It's been on one trip with me, that's all. Still under warranty until end of Jan 2017 with Canon. I'll provide the original purchase receipt showing the original purchase price of GBP698.

Not a lot to say about this camera really - it's obviously in great condition due to low use. No marks/scratches etc. Provided with all the boxes and original materials and instructions. Cables/charger/battery etc. Exactly the same as if you went and bought one brand new. I look after my kit. 

To answer an obvious question - why did I buy it, use it so little, and then want to off-load? Well, it was replacing a 7D Mk 1 body - and after being used to the 7D I much preferred its feel etc. over the 70D - so I went and bought a 7D Mk II. So this 70D is no longer needed. If you want to see the quality of the shots you can take with it, have a look here. Bear in mind that: A) Some photos are on my G7X/iPhone, so look at the info B) The photos are compressed on Google Photos. 

Anyways, I'll deliver the unit out special delivery, usually following day from the receipt of cleared funds. 

They go for around 5-550 on auction sites, so looking for GBP450 for zero effort.

Any questions please just let me know. It's a great camera +++

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