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June 21st of this year, I sold my M135i as though I’d only had it 15 months, I’d always been pissed off that not long after I got it (about a month afterwards) a newer LCI model was being delivered to new owners.

Wanted to get rid of it pretty soon because of that, as what I’d paid for it at the time was not far off getting a brand new one. In fact, it has now turned out to be the car I’ve had for the shortest period of time ever. 15 months and driven just over 8k miles in that period. To be honest, it was a nice car to me. Did all I wanted it to do and had more than enough power than I needed but was still the older model. It was also depreciating like a stone so took the decision it had to go.

When I sold it, I’d had the intention of moving on to the newer model (the M135i LCI model). I'd actually found one I was ready to close the deal on. It was only 2 months old, had the exact spec I wanted, 1.5k miles on the clock and ticked all the boxes. Private sale.

I called the guy selling, we’d agreed on a price, was on my way to see it when I checked the advert one last time and realised the interior was Oyster (white). It wasn’t obvious from the ad as there weren't any internal pics. It was only on closer inspection I saw it through the windscreen shot. I had to pull out of buying it then.

I was looking everywhere for one to match what I wanted but couldn’t find any. It was during my search for one I now found out the M135i LCI model was being replaced again by the M140i. With that information to hand, I knew if I’d gotten the new M135i LCI model, I’d be in the exact same position I was again when I bought the pre LCI M135i, so took the decision to go shiny new instead. (My first ever) 

I ordered on the 27th July. and picked it up yesterday. Christ!! The wait was painful.

Here it is.



I went a bit over the top on the extras but hey, I have no regrets.


Estoril Blue
Coral Red Interior with Hexagon Trim.... Superman!!!
Pro Nav
Enhanced Bluetooth, Wireless Charging With Wi-Fi Hotspot
Heated Steering…..Yes I know. Indulgent or what?
Driver Comfort Package....Front / Rear PDC With Cruise Control 
Sport Automatic Transmission
Comfort Access
Windscreen With Grey Shade Band
Sun Protection Glass
Lumbar Support….One thing the last one I had didn’t have and I know I missed.
Heated Seats
Headlight Wash.... I still dont know why I got this
Harman Kadon
Parking Assist…. Yes I can park, but like the idea of the car doing this itself 
Reversing Camera
High Beam Assist
5 Year Maintenance Package
Runflats. I know what the purists on here have said about this. However, I had them on the previous one and they were perfectly okay to me. Then again, I don’t drive around like a loon.

I got the dealer to put about £10k of the price on lease so I could get the finance discount/contribution (£1500) included. This will be paid off in the next week giving me a decent 21% discount in total, so all in all, not bad for what I’m getting.

I didn’t go for the adaptive suspension as I didn’t have it on the previous one and it rode fine to me so didn’t think it’d be of that much a benefit to me.

Also, all the other extras I didn’t get (3 or 4 of them I think) I don’t think would ever have been of any use to me as I never would’ve had any use for them. Well maybe the sunroof but at close to £1k, I had to draw the line somewhere J

I thought I took a risk in going for the red interior but I love it.

Its now at the detailer as I'm having it ceramic (Modesta BC-05) coated all over as in wheels, body, brake callipers, exhaust, leather, trim, and windows.  A bit pricier than all other options available but apparently the best. Has a 5 year warranty so we’ll see how that pans out.

Of the hour or so I've had driving it, geez this car is spectacularly and scarily (for me) quick compared to the previous M135i I had. I'll probably do a review once I've had a proper good go in it.

Now  waitinng to get back to get it to its break in mileage of 1200 miles which for me will be in about 3-4 month’s time

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Lovely. +++

Headlight wash does make a difference.  I've had it on all my cars and if you do the type of trips I do it is suprising how grimy and covered they can get.  When you wash them you see a noticeable difference in the light.

On the run-flats, I really don't think they're the issue some people say they are.  They're also on the car for a reason. +++

RF's on the 645Ci saved me a real issue in the lake district on a TSN trip one too.  I got a flat in a car park and the 2 hour drive home was still possible without having to wait for BMW Assist to come out.  I just trundled home at 50 mph. +++

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You know me Max:grin:

21.4% discount isn't bad in the grand scheme of things but was a bit flummoxed that some others got up to 23% I've been told. I did try and know I could've probably pushed for that bit more but wasnt too fussed at the point I made the final order.

Saying that. It scares me to think that there are some people out there who are paying full whack!

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Got superman back from the detailer earlier this week.

Simon of Cambridge Concours did a fantastic job. Advised me to go with the Gtechniq crystal exo on every part of the car after initially booking it in for the Modesta package. Apparently the Modesta ceramic coating loses its beading properties after a few years though it still will be present on the car in effect losing some of its purpose.


Pictures here

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GTechniq is on the 5 series too, and Milo's Audi S5.  Fantastic product.

3.5 years and 67,000 miles later, mine still looks like a glass finish when it is clean (note the "when").

It has had a couple of top-up reglazes but I've not actually bothered for 18 months.

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  • 4 weeks later...
Normally it would take me about 3 months to do 1200 miles which is the break in mileage figure. Luckily I did it in 2. 

I'd reached that figure about a week ago but didn't get a chance till very early this morning today to open her up.

What a buzz! Christ on a bike! This thing imo is scarily quick with crazy pulling to the red line, responsive and maybe because it's a rwd gives more feedback than all the 4wd Audis/VW's I've had in the past. I could feel it's twitches and intent well enough to be able to be in full control throughout and knew when it was on its limits. I over took a car that was doodling at about 40 on a NSL and was past it in seconds! As I went past, I went to myself...What?!?

I'm no Ayrton Senna, drive quite sensibly (Never had 1 point in over 20 years of driving) but am pretty capable to a point. I have to admit that after today, I probably won't go as quick/mad as I did today ever again. I deliberately left extremely early around 4am to give it a try but my oh my, this thing for me is more than enough to the point of being scary if you just let rip.

My heart was thumping when I got to my destination with an extremely wide grin to boot. All I could mutter to myself at that point was wow!

By the way, the journey I did normally takes about 45 - 50 mins under normal circumstances with fairly light traffic. I did it in 33 mins :spotman:
I'll try and do a more detailed review sometime in the future.
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Looks fantastic Tony and a really good discount as well, makes it all the sweeter.

Interesting what Arch says about the MPE as I had it on my 135i and loved it. I will probably go with the MPE for my 140 come march/april time.

There is a dealer based in Scotland on the 135/235/140/240 FB page, doing the MPE for the 140 at under £700 with the chrome tips and free UK postage.

With regard to the Adaptive I decided to go with it this time round,  and have really been pleasantly surprised.

I will probably be putting my winters on in the next week, so will give me the chance to sort the 436's out.

Coral interior really does lift the cabin.




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