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[Audi A3/S3] Insert Phone - 2010 A3


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Just bought a 2010 A3 today. If I click the "Mode" button it says "Insert Phone".

I've done some googling which suggests just turning Bluetooth on on my mobile and pairing it to the car which should appear as "Audi". My phone doesn't find anything (bluetooth on the phone is definitely working). Will my 2010 car even have Bluetooth? If so should this be visible to devices or do I need to do something to switch it on?

Or - does it need an actual phone or SIM in the car? My old A8 D2 had a phone though that was a 1999.

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Earlier 8P A3s (the model that ran from 2003 '03' to 2012 '62' and spanned three various 'faces' over its life cycle) had an optional hard mounted phone cradle.  Archive pic of my dads old 55 plater Sportback below.  From memory - and I could be wrong here because it varies on the different Audi models - I *think* bluetooth was available if you had the Sat Nav / RNSE interface.  So instead of the cradle you had bluetooth instead.

This video shows a 2011 A3 with RNSE with bluetooth:

On later models, you *possibly* might have also been able to option bluetooth with the more basic sat nav system (called BNS or BNS 5.0) instead of the phone cradle

What dashboard stereo / sat nav system does your 2010 have?  And does yours have the MFSW (multi function steering wheel)?

IMG_5392 1024.JPG

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Hi all we recently bought an Audi s3 2011 plate and we are struggling to how we connect the music side of the Bluetooth it’s not playing any music and has a wire with a usb socket coming from the unit in the dash board we trying plugging into the usb and it dosnt do anything. What’s the wire for please and any suggestions of what to try please we just want to play our phone music through the car. 

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