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Catalunya trip


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At the beginning of the year my mates and I were planning our annual 3 day Euro trip. After a mention on TSN, JonC expressed an interest.

A first track day is often a daunting step but for someone who's only been riding for a year I think it's a proper brave move especially a full on F1/MotoGP track for 3 days!. Before long we'd all booked up but that was back in Jan '16 and the trip wasn't until now (October). A long wait! 

Eventually the time came and we met up at the Swindon bike drop off ready for them to be taken down to Spain. We then followed on a week later on a cheap Easyjet flight.

These trips are always about a group of friends going off for a good time. There's banter, help, competitiveness and piss taking with the overriding mission to all come back in one piece without any bike damage.

Mission complete.+++

A good fun trip although far from perfect for me : The first day was all about familiarisation with the bikes (last ride on mine was May when I crashed) and learning the track. The second and third days I was suffering from a cold and that affected my balance and was making me dizzy. I had no choice but to sit out most of the sessions. Gutted :( 

However it was great to see JonC go from a nervous newbie to someone pushing himself to get faster and faster. The rubber got hotter and stickier and the chicken strips got smaller. The lap times came down (no timing of course!!!!) and the top speeds went up. 

Add in the beers and talking bollox in the evenings and you have a good trip.

Well done JonC. Glad you went for it +++

The photographer only had one day to get me but he got a few shots. The one of JonC that I took is the one that makes me smile : He was so keen he was on his bike 5 mins before each session ready to roll. Another trackday addict has been born :grin:
We had a bit of a pose in the pit lane for our team photo : always good to nudge the memories of a good trip
There's also one pic the brand new Panni R that came with us with it's track fairings and paint job. I spent a lot of the 2nd and 3rd day just looking at the details on it :)









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Sorry Scotty, only just seen this. Haven't been on good ol' TSN for while (track addiction is all consuming :grin:). It was an epic few days. Lack of patience to learn the track on day 1 soon passed, and day 2, then 3, was when the full on track fun soared, along with the speed, lean angles and the tyre degradation. Awesome company and decades of bike, track and race knowledge from the guys. Great banter, beers and tapas to boot. Those kind of speeds on a bike on track is something to behold. I thought I was doing well, but Scotty and the guys were super rapido. I learnt stacks from them too. Huge thumbs up to Scotty and the Catalyna crew +++++++++ Looking forward to the next one :grin:

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