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Value my cab


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what was the original value ?

Worth shopping around a little: I got a variation of +/- 750 between dealers (i.e. the most lavish offered 1500 more than the stingiest, though it was in return for trading in for one of their newer demonstrators). Also big variations in the consessions/discounts I got on a new car.

Put together, it came to a two grand difference even between two neighbouring branches of the same franchise (the two salesmen knew each other).

Don't stop at nearby dealerships: a far away dealer (one of the ones offering the best price for my old car) offered to come pick it up and deliver the new one, door-to-door over a 240 mile round trip.

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Wondered what you lot thought it might be worth

June 2003

1.8T Sport

Carribean Blue

Black leather

Heated mirrors

5,000 miles

Does 23k from a dealer sound right?

[/ QUOTE ]

According to Glass's: <ul type="square"> [*]List price without options was £26,300 [*]Retail now is £25,950 [*]Trade price is £23,950

The above are for a car without options and done 12k miles beerchug.gif

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As above prices are from this months Glass's guide. If you take about £1000 off retail (forecourt price) then I would suggest selling for £24,995 privately.

Shouldn't be too difficult to sell now as the weather is getting better.

BTW clocks go forward in 3 weeks time which will help.

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