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Mini JCW 2015 F56 HUMONGOUS Spec


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Mini hatchback and 12 month old granddaughter doesn't really work so we've been taking her out in my new S5 which I don't really want, so very regrettable sale. 

Mini John Cooper Works (new model F56) 2015 15 reg but on cherished plate. On around 41k miles

Must be the best spec'd JCW on the market with around £13k of optional extras with a list of over £37k.

Black and red with JCW pro exhaust (which is Hilarious) and diffuser etc.

Its easier to say what it hasn't got and that's heated front screen and pan roof. I think it's got every other option available which I can try and list if required.












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2 hours ago, Mook said:

Always wanted a JCW, they're an absolute hoot to drive - sadly don't have £18k floating around.  Best of luck selling it +++


It is more fun than the S5 that's for sure and with an unbelievable spec but when we bought it we honestly thought that it would be ok for our 12 month old granddaughter to fit in as we now have her every Monday, but the first time I tried to get her in after buying a new seat base, pushchair etc for the Mini I couldn't get the car seat in through the front to the back seat with the front seat as far forward that it would go. I had no choice but to fit her in through the boot after taking everything out the boot first and then putting it all back in. Once I did all that we got in the car to find that I couldn't drive as the drivers seat had to be moved forward and I wasn't about to sway everything around to swap back seats.


It was both funny and infuriating at the time, so I had to take a picture to show her mom and dad how silly granddad is.:lol:



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Difficult to remember everything so I've just copied from a BMW site using the vin number. As you can see it has every option ticked that could be ticked on a JCW bar the two options I mentioned.

On top of that it has the JCW Pro exhaust with carbon fibre surrounds and Bluetooth switch, JCW Pro rear diffuser with PDC, JCW Pro winglets (I think they are called) on the rear wing.

The car is just 2 years old and has Mini service history and comes with the TLC service pack.

Vehicle information
Type code XM92
E series F56 ()
Series M
Type HB
Steering RL
Doors 3
Engine B48O
Displacement 2.00
Power 170
Transmission AUT
Vehicle upgrades
Smartphone mirroring Read more
Additional iDrive features Read more
Vehicle options
S1CB CO2 package
S223 Electronic Damper Control (EDC)
S230 Extra package, EU-specific
S258 Tire with run-flat functionality
S2LY MINI LA wheel JCW Cup Spoke 2-tone
S2PA Wheel bolt retainer
S2TB Sport automatic transmission
S2VB Tire pressure display
S302 Alarm system
S313 Fold-in outside mirror
S322 Comfort access
S3A3 Roof caps and mirror housings, red
S3AG Reversing camera
S3AZ Hood stripes John Cooper Works
S420 Sun protection glazing
Vehicle options
S423 Floor mats, velours
S430 Interior/outside mirror with auto dip
S431 Interior mirror with automatic-dip
S470 Isofix-System
S473 Armrest front
S493 Storage compartment package
S494 Seat heating driver/passenger
S4GU MINI Yours Interior Style Fibre All
S4NE Blow-by heater
S4V9 MINI Excitement Package
S508 Park Distance Control (PDC)
S521 Rain sensor
S534 Automatic air conditioning
S550 On-board computer
S563 Light package
Vehicle options
S5A4 LED headlight with expanded content
S5AS Driving Assistant
S5DP Park Assistent
S609 Navigation system Professional
S654 DAB tuner
S674 Hi-Fi System Harman Kardon
S698 Area-Code 2 for DVD
S6AC Intelligent emergency SOS call
S6AD MINI Head-Up Display
S6AE Teleservices
S6NE Extended mobile phone prep. w/Bluetooth
S6NM MINI Connected
S6NT MINI Connected XL
P7L5 Wired
P7Y2 Chili II
Vehicle options
L812 National version England / Ireland
S877 Delete cross-pattern operation
S880 On-board vehicle literature English
S8S2 Coding alarm signal
S8S3 Automatic locking when driving off
S8SM Car ident. number visible from outside
S8TF Active pedestrian protection
S8TG Thiefproofing device
S999 Job order management "HEA"
S9AA Outer skin protection
Vehicle options
S249 Multifunction f steering wheel
S2VG Performance Control
S2XC John Cooper Works leather steering wheel
S325 Rear spoiler
S450 Height adjustment, passenger seat
S4AA Headlining anthracite
S4C1 Colour Line Carbon Black
S4FN John Cooper Works Sportsitze
S4VA MINI Driving Modes
S544 Cruise control with brake function
S5AA Rear fog light
S785 White direction indicator lights
S853 Language version English

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Sorry, I sold the Caddy just before taking delivery of the S5 in March. I had forgot I'd put it on here so I've just replied sold in that thread.

I loved that Caddy and was in unbelievable condition with not a single mark on it and a joy with all the kit it had on it.

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